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Not getting activation email

  • I just installed wordpress 3.03 with network enabled as sub-directory and BP.
    I have enabled “User accounts may be registered”.
    But when a new user fills registratioin form, activation email is not received. Can anyone help pls.

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    WordPress, not BuddyPress plugin, handles email activations. It could also be because of webhosting configuration. Deactivate BP and BP-dependent plugins, then double-check if activation emails are sent from your installation. Check for resolutions from forums

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    It may also be the perennial problem of them simply not RECEIVING the activation email. Be certain to mention to people registering to check their junkmail folder if they do not receive the activation email within a few hours.

    read few other threads on the same problem …. looks like its the case with bluehost. So I changed the host and everything is fine now. Thnks for the help.

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    It’s so funky, my emails totally fluctuate. I just installed 3.04, and activation emails are not being sent out. I will have to go into troubleshooting mode tomorrow….

    I wish wordpress would really fix this, I am getting %&$% tired of email problems.

    The emails at one time would appear right smack away, but I recall the emails taking a massive amount of time to appear, so I would recommend a notice on the register page about this.

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    WHAT THE HECK? I get every email from wordpress and buddypress except the ac. email.

    IT WAS WORKING like Yesterday! I upgraded to wordpress 3.0.4 and UHHHH!

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    Andrea Rennick


    Emails are *not* a WordPress issue. They are 99.9% issues with the host or your ISP. Every. Single. Time.

    The reason they get dumped into trash or blocked by your ISP is becasue they are sent thru php mailer and have different header son them. Which is entirely due to the way your box is set and (as repeatedly mentioned) the way your ISP handles them on receipt.

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    Every time I deactivate BuddyPress plug in e-mail start getting sent again for new users and a new blog sites from multisite. When I activate and BuddyPress plug in again they don’t get sand. It must be something with buddy press plug in.
    What is BuddyPress doing to emails to send them now and differently.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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