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Not getting registration/activation email

  • Hey guy,

    Just looking for some help ( which im sure is completely simple im just not looking in the right place.) with registration on buddy press. I am running the newest version of WP and buddypress 1.5 on bluehost. the site that i am doing it on is and I am not getting an activation email sent to me. can someone help me out?

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  • aces


    IF wordpress isn’t sending any emails (ie they’re not in spam or junk folders) it may need an extra plugin – see
    Or try to help diagnose where the issue is and add some extra settings to fix it…

    Me too, I have a lot of Unconfirmed emails pending everyday … 10 to 20 per day !!
    Then I need to activate them manually …
    Very annoying !

    I cannot find any reason WHY those people didnt get the confirmation email in their inbox …
    I asked all of them : did you check your spam filter … but this is not the issue.

    Don’t know what to do …?
    I’m loosing many subscribers because of this.

    I must say I’m using WP last version + BP 1.5 + s2Member + BBpress plugin

    Any help appreciated.
    (I will try the WP-mail plugin to see if it can solve my problem)

    thank you very much!!

    Hi there,

    I am having a major issue in that the registration is not populating the fields in the user database. Can anyone help?

    Somehow the fields are not inputting the data into the user profile (ie: first, last names are required and they are nowhere in the database). This happened after I installed Buddy Press


    PS I am not a coder and know conceptually, so speak laymen if possible in your response :)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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