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Notification email for new registrations (not yet activated !)

  • benofinil


    Hello all,

    I’ve looked throught the forum and many plugins, and I can not solve this problem which seems “so simple” to me !

    How to configure an email sent to the administrator each time a registration is done ?

    Let me explain :
    My community system is based on pre-registered users in a database.
    So, when a user registers on my site, he receives an email (originally, the wordpress email with the activation link) telling him that his account is being verified by the administrator.
    Then, the account is in the user pending system, and the administrator can activate or not this account manually.
    If the account is validate, the user will receive a welcoming message, etc.

    BUT, I would like to receive an email informing me that a user has registered, ie who has completed the registration form BUT has not yet validated his account. However, the default wordpress email is only sent to the administrator when the account is validate.

    It’s really exhausting to check permanetly if a user is in the pending system, in order to validate or refuse its account…

    Hope someone could help me…

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  • benofinil


    I really need someone’s help, I think the solution is quite easy, but I don’t know to code php…

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