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People will pay you money to develop BuddyPress code and plugins.

  • 3sixty


    timbo85 wrote:

    Also, don’t wanna get shot down for this but if anyone knows a *top-class* BP coder, then please get in touch! :)

    As someone who would gladly pay for coding, I think this is absolutely fine. There really needs to be a BP developer/user exchange to help get some sites out there. I personally have more BP-related tasks than I have time, and would love to hook up with a developer who would do a “pay for coding” arrangement, even if for odd jobs and site maintenance.

    I could see a tiered system where you could code for a private project, or it could be done for the benefit of the overall BP community (for example, get paid up front to develop a plugin; release it, and the people who commissioned the plugin get their cost defrayed by eventual donations from users). There could be levels of arrangement similar to how Creative Commons works that would indicate what type of license you are coding for, though this is probably getting too fancy for now.

    Maybe you’re a developer and “been down that road” and can tell me why this is a bad idea. Otherwise, let’s start paying people money for what they are good at…

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  • 3sixty


    I’m already regretting posting this. I hope it doesn’t run counter to the BuddyPress ethic. Sorry in advance.



    When the new site relaunches with the group and forum components enabled, a proper venue for these things can be posted.

    Until then, the job board on ( can be used as a stop-gap.

    I think the percentage of developers who take on work, who read, is a bit small. I suggest if there’s someone you’ve got an eye on, send them a message



    That too ;)




    I’m so glad to hear that there will be a special area for this. DJPaul is correct, the job board on testbp is useless.

    I can’t count how many times I’ve needed just a few lines of code, you know those <$100 projects and it would be so nice to have an area to post a request in so that I could find coders who also do very small jobs.

    Maybe even having an ‘I’m available’ area would be great. We all know who the masters are around here, and if one of them popped up and said I have the afternoon avail.. who needs me for a few mins etc.. that would go a long way.

    Boone Gorges


    Inactive maybe create something like this? =)



    This is where the classifieds plugin might help


    Seeing as it looks like my post kinda inspired this one, I’ll add that I would LOVE to see something like this at the moment. I am struggling so much to find someone to support my design skills with some hot programming on a personal project of mine.

    I’ve approached places like Crowd Favorite that seem to know there stuff but @ around $175 p/h it will probably work out to be a bit too expensive for me :(



    now I’m thinking about jumping the fence and offering my services to timbo85. :)



    We’re hiring freelancers. We’re also working in Miami this month if you want to live that whole code on the beach lifestyle. Long list of projects that need to be completed.

    If you have experience connecting Buddypress with a CRM, managing publishing workflows, integrating with Drup*l, integrating with twitter/facebook/openid/oauth, custom MU code, custom content types, socket servers, and related items..


    I’d fill the small tasks list if there was one. Lets move on that asap!

    Copy paste from an old post:

    I propose that create a premium service offering on He should create a list of preferred service providers, pair them with module developers who need help, and let the community at large pay for support. all code is committed back to the plugin directly. Managed fixes and improvements, as well as a ‘certified’ list of ‘good’ plugins. Effectively, merge guru/elance/odesk with the popular list and an issue tracker.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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