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Permalink Problems

  • paulherz


    My Problem: I did a fresh install of the most recent stable build of BuddyPress on my single-blog 2.9.2 installation, along with the theme compatibility assistant. Almost all links redirect back to the homepage ( One of the key facets of this is accessing user profiles, as I currently have all other BuddyPress components disabled. The BuddyPress toolbar leads me to for my profile, but I get redirected to the homepage. When I manually change that in my address bar to (my username rather than my fullname) it works. Something is clearly wrong with my permalinks, but I know no way of resolving this.

    1. I’m running WordPress 2.9.2 (not MU)

    2. I installed WP as a directory.

    3. I installed WP in a subdirectory.

    4. I have not upgraded WordPress since I started using BuddyPress

    5. WordPress, before initializing BuddyPress, was fully functional.

    6. The most recent stable build, aka 1.2.

    7. I have not upgraded from an older BP version, as I have just started using it.

    8. In order to troubleshoot the issue, I attempted to disable all plugins. For all intensive purposes, no, I do not have any active plugins other than BuddyPress and the BuddyPress theme compatibility helper.

    9. I am using a custom theme, by myself, Trooper.

    10. I have in no way modified the core files. It is a fresh installation.

    11. To my knowledge, I have no custom functions running.

    12. I have a separate installation of bbPress that is integrated as of now with my WordPress installation. It is up-to-date.

    13. Relevant error logs, recorded by my server around the time of my BuddyPress installation and forward, reside here:

    14., Affordable Multimedia, is my host. They support the most recent editions of mySQL and PHP. Their servers are Apache running on Linux.

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