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Photo Album RoadMap?

  • foodin65


    Hey Guys and Gals who code this wonderful product,

    I have one hopefully simple question. I’ve got a site that’s in active development that I’m waiting patiently for the Photo Album features that’s promised on the /About page:

    “Photo Albums (Late 2009)

    Members of a BuddyPress installation will be able to create their own photo albums. These albums can be shared with friends and groups.

    Each member will be given a certain amount of space, which can be set by the site administrator. Albums and photos can be tagged. It will also be possible to browse public photos via photo tag pages that other members can browse (just as you browse blogs via tags on…. blah blah blah….”

    That roadmap says late 2009, yet this roadmap:

    Says absolutely nothing about the Photo Album Features in any of the next four releases.

    I’m not in a terrible rush our anything, just want to know what the timeframe is for that feature.

    Keep up the good work… I love what you are doing so far.

    Request: not sure if you would do this or if the folks over at would, but they have a supporter plugin that restricts certain features of Buddypress to paying members… it would be wonderful in the photo albums would tie into that. (ie- paying member can have more space or more ablums or both.)

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  • Xevo


    I believe Andy is waiting for WordPress 2.9 to come out, since that version will have a lot of media related updates. Not sure when it’ll release, but will most likely be very soon.

    In the meanwhile you could use kaltura or the buddypress picture album plugin.

    Your request will not be responded too btw, the buddypress development theme wont start basing their core on other people’s plugins. If you want something like that, ask the wpmu dev team to create this once it’s build into buddypress.

    Paul Gibbs


    Unless someone’s been working on it for a while and keeping it quiet, it won’t be in BP 1.2.

    Andy Peatling


    It won’t be in 1.2, sorry to disappoint. I would recommend using a plugin for now. Too many changes are happening with activity streams at this point, and I feel that the picture/album/gallery support will be based around those changes.




    Job well done on the activity /wire stream, it removes clutter and useful. Please don’t forget that request trac regarding questions on wire for users to answer!



    Thank you for the update Andy. The new activity streams are rocking :)

    In the meantime, I’m going to play with new Gallery3 beta3 which has a group feature as well.

    Thanks again.




    Wow, I use gallery2 for my photos, and if you could sort it, that would be good !



    i made an album plugin with photo tagging for profile and group right now it is in testing stage very soon i will publish this plugin.before that i will publish an link for testing.



    sound good.. keep up updated apoorv :)



    Thats great news! Looking forward for the testing link.



    I’ve also been waiting patiently for an albums solution; so I would definitely look forward to trying it out on – luckily we’re still in closed beta testing! :)



    bringing up photo album. I looked at the roadmap and 1.3 did not show an album. Does anyone have any information as to when it will even be considered?

    By the way, thanks for 1.2.1



    has the link been posted? I want to test it out :-)


    @symm2112 has bp-gallery that’s about to have rc2 released and should be stable in a couple of weeks.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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