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please help: Choosing a Host

  • enlightenmental1


    running WPMU + Buddypress + lots more…

    currently hosted on Godaddy-shared hosting (godaddy blows)

    I’m looking for advice when selecting a dedicated / virtual dedicated server

    Media Temple looks good…

    Dream Host Looks good…

    What are your thoughts?

    What does run on?

    thanks. thanks. thanks

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  • Sgrunt


    i’m using hostgator and it’s fine for wordpressmu (and obviously buddypress too)



    sorry, i was talking about shared server! surely mediatemple is a good choice as virtual or dedicated




    thanks for the input….

    how bout the rest of you? where do you go for VDS / DS ?

    John James Jacoby


    A lot of this comes down to your budget, so you’re going to get a wide array of answers here.

    You’re going to need at least php5, and to do subdomains you’ll need to be able to see if they allow you to add a wildcard for that too.

    Currently I use 1and1 for most of what I do, but I have to use subdirectories because they don’t allow for wildcarding like that. I also need to force php5 in my .htaccess files because they default to using php4. Blech…

    But, so far nothing has ever crashed, I’ve never lost any data, and their prices are relatively cheap compared to some other shared hosts…

    This is one of those questions where everyone is bound to give you a different answer, so be prepared to either get a wide variety of responses, or none at all. :D




    past three years it\’s all good. 24/7 support and if you call in via the phone you won\’t get India

    ** about 3 months ago anyone with a .htaccess file got a redirect added – it took them about 2 weeks to figure this out – since then they have tightened up security which is a plus –

    I just did quite a bit of research on this and signed up with WiredTree today. Check WHT for a great coupon that turns their basic VPS (~$50/month) into their top VPS feature-wise for the same price.

    Also good options: HostMySite, PowerVPS, SurpassHosting, HostV.

    Steer clear of MediaTemple for a WP/MU/BP install. They’re great overall (fantastic support), but the GridService setup they have isn’t particularly friendly for these projects. DreamHost isn’t a high service option, you get what you pay for.




    thanks for the input..

    I just purchase a Virtual Dedicated Server from MediaTemple ($50/month)

    now comes the task of moving a half-made site to a new server….

    Eric Wood


    I use Hostgator, and love them. Never had any real issues I didn’t cause myself :)




    this VD server from Media Temple is by far the best host/server i’ve ever used….

    I wish all my websites had a $50/month budget for hosting so I could use (mt)…

    it freakin’ screams! (fast)

    Glad you found something you like in the MT VPS situation. It gives you 256 Megs of RAM and if you ever get to the point you can manage your own VPS server (instead of managed by a company) you can look at someone like slicehost has has 256 Meg VPS for $20. It isn’t as easy as a managed solution though, but cheaper if you ever want to learn ;)



    Has anybody tried the new grid hosting from godaddy? Price + features look pretty decent. I’m not sure about service & support though.

    I’m with templemedia atm. So far so good.

    Mike Pratt


    GoDaddy is horrendous for service and support and the garish and disorganized site is enough to induce headaches. Hostgator is fantastic but they host so much porn that the Govt and military block all sites hosted by them (I have 1st hand experience with this) . I am now at Liquidweb and which i had chosen them before the other 2. Off the charts customer support and reasonable pricing

    Aron Jay


    slicehost… all the way around..



    I’m using WestHost…FYI.



    Godaddy has become the walmart of web hosting…

    you used to be cool godaddy! what happend?

    dont get their grid hosting either… they’re pricing it cheap to see how it works and then will raise the rates…. which i bet won’t be $20/month like (mt)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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