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  • idotter


    I’d like to see more privacy options … i know there’s someone working on something but i don’t know exactly what this will be …

    What I’d like to have is :

    – possibility to mark blogposts as private (viewable just for me)

    – possibility to mark blogpost as semi-private (viewable for a group or for all registered members)

    – restrict profile access to freinds or registered users

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  • r-a-y





    +1 here for privacy.

    I’m not really concerned with blog privacy, but with activity stream and friend privacy.

    Hope some of Jeff’s work can be ported to BP core.




    Jeff Sayre


    I am working on upgrading my Privacy Component to BP 1.2. Here you can learn more about the old version and when I hope to have the new version complete.

    Also, as you will see on the current roadmap, privacy is a possible feature for BP 1.3



    +1 Most important feature


    … for privacy but also for user-friendly structure for it… ;)



    + 3 for privacy controls for profiles etc




    Mike Pratt






    +7 Especially the ability to only display profile info to those who are logged in is a must imo. Thanks for your work Jeff!

    Jeff Sayre


    Well, crap!

    I thought I might be able to fade away in my cave, living a private life. But I can see that some of you actually want privacy features in BuddyPress. I guess I will have to get to work.

    So, if I vote a -7 will that cancel everyone’s votes out?




    Haha Jeff,

    we would still be at +2 because i missed to count up the two +1 above my first post :)

    So let me correct that :)




    + 10




    Jeff is in trouble…

    where is the paypal button Jeff ?

    Jeff Sayre



    Haha! Yeah, I will just have to make sure the code and instructions are perfect so that there are no support requests.

    To everyone else:

    I will win back my privacy!

    I see the +10 and counter with a -10.

    I see @podictionary’s +++ and counter with a —

    Ah, the Universe is back in balance and I can go back into my cave. Problem solved.




    BuddyPress without Privacy-feature is killing my project !


    guess thats the lucky number for Jeff ;-)

    My PayPal is waiting for you, Jeff !

    Avi M


    I think improved privacy is must for things like member profiles, so I looking forward to seeing the updated plugin and possible improvements to 1.3.

    In the mean time I thought I would offer up the following.

    A while back asked a question on this very question over at and here is the response/ solution I was given. No idea if it can applied to other theme or BP 1.2 but for what it’s worth here it is.

    ok, back to your question..
    i see the member directory still viewable after turn on privacy...yeap
    it is a glitch in worry here's an easy fix

    open profile/index.php
    and copy the top code

    <?php $privacy_enable = get_option('tn_buddysocial_privacy_status'); if($privacy_enable == 'enable') { ?>
    <?php if (!is_user_logged_in() ) { ?>
    <?php wp_redirect(get_option('siteurl') . '/wp-login.php'); ?>
    <?php } ?>
    <?php } //off ?>

    to directories\members\index.php before get_header();
    actually you can apply this to any page you do not want unlogged user to view like group, forum etc..

    Hope this helps.

    Here is a link to the actual thread.




    My PayPal is also waiting ;-)

    Will your Privacy-Plugin also allow to restrict post views as mentioned in the start-post?





    @Jeff: Can you give us an update on your funding?

    Are we supposed to interpret the graph as $200 or so raised ?

    Jeff Sayre



    Eventually my plugin will encompass group and blog privacy as well.


    The graph represents about $125 of funding–which is close to my original goal! ;)

    I never expected to achieve the funding goal. That post was for two reasons: an experiment to see if raising development funds was even feasible; an awareness campaign to get people talking and thinking about plugin developers and the vast amount of time that they put into WordPress/Buddyress projects so that the community can benefit from their work.

    The goal is an honest assessment of the amount of time (which is then converted to dollars) that I will be required to put into the project in 2010–coding and supporting the plugin. It also covers some of my time already spent on coding the plugin.

    As I state in that post, I’m already committed to bringing my privacy plugin up to date to work with BP version 1.2. When that will happen is the question. I am working on it, but not full time as I have another project that has top priority (my startup). Just like anyone else, I must focus most of my efforts on activities that will help me actually earn a living.

    Once my BP 1.2-compatible privacy plugin is released, I’m not sure where it will go from there. We will see. Of course, if my privacy plugin gets merged into core (in some form or another), that would be great!



    just wondering if Automattic is able to afford to buy your plugin and service ?


    Jeff Sayre



    Haha! I appreciate the thought. I’m sure Automattic is able to afford to buy many things! I have no issue with Automattic. I do not expect them to pay me.


    My code, like any other GPLed theme or plugin is freely available for all to use. So, if Automattic wants to merge my code into BP core, I would be honored and not expect anything else in return.

    I hope that my posts (in this thread and on my website concerning this issue) do not come across as me being bitter. That is not the case.

    I fully support and believe in the Open Source model as expressed via the GPL. I also believe in giving back to those Open Source projects from which you have benefited. I of course have done that with the hundreds of hours I’ve donated as a moderator on these forums.

    The referenced-to post above was just my attempt to try to figure out a possible way where I could actually earn part of my living by creating great-quality plugins for the WordPress / BuddyPress community. I think talented programmers should be able to do that without having to resort to consulting. I have no interest in providing consulting services. I owned a consulting company for 7 years. It was great, but I have no need or intention of going back down that road.

    So, enough said with all of this stuff about me and my needs. I appreciate people’s concerns and suggestions.

    Let’s put this thread back on track. Please try to limit your comments to the future of privacy in BuddyPress and not about me!

    @Jeff… your posts and your comments about the market are not supposed to be a problem, at the opposite; it is better to know who we’re dealing with on good and bad days than working with someone we know nothing about.

    personally, i have people talking against my work all day long… they are my best partners. we know where we go, and when i have something to evaluate, i ask them first. if they trash it, trash it… it is better having a trashed work than a bad work on the market.

    the privacy system is not something to take lightly, because a lot of things change in the moment… let’s see, Facebook had to change their privacy statements and system because the Canadian government threatened to block facebook from our country if they were not to do it…

    things change… all the time.

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