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Profile Nickname Field label

  • jonasmckee


    I am running WP 3.5.2 and Buddypress 1.8
    My domain is
    and is a fresh install with the custom community theme.
    here is my problem.. i successfully edited the Nickname Profile field to ‘First name’ via Admin>User>Profile Fields
    it worked for a few days but now has reverted back to ‘Nickname’ when you view it in admin or the Registration Page.
    Strange thing is when i go to edit it, it shows ‘First name’ then i save and it shows ‘Nickname’ and of course it shows ‘Nickname’ on the reg page..
    NicknameField Pic
    I beleive this is plugin related and have narrowed it to ‘BuddyPress user account type lite’
    and ‘User Role Editor’ This happened to me a few days ago and i just deleted everything and reinstalled WP and BP.. how ever i really dont want to do that again!
    Please assist as we are looking to go live in a week…


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