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Pulling avatars from Buddypress to Arrowchat

  • mattmazerdesign


    hello there,

    I’m having some problems pulling the avatars from ” WordPress / Buddypress over to Arrowchat.
    We currently are using all current versions of WordPress / Buddypress / Arrowchat and have not messed with the php in anyway.

    I have looked through all the admin panels to make sure that all the settings are turned on for avatars and everything seems to be working properly.
    Once the user creates an account and uploads their avatar it will not show up in the chat bar. It refers back to the default ” avatar ”

    I woudl like to think its a simple error in the php but then again in the php its calling you if the user does not have an avatar use the default image. So im kinda lost right now and there seems not to be much documentation on this. Any help would be much appreciated

    here is out website url

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