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Redirect After Registration

  • I need help figuring out how to redirect users to their custom profile page after they register. I’m running WordPress 3.0.1 and BP 1.2.6. I have the activation email feature turned off. So once they click the button to submit the registration form, I want them redirected to their custom profile page I have built. Currently, they’re directed to the home page. I’ve looked through the register.php page, I’ve tried adding a hidden input field with a redirect to the registration form and tried adding redirect functions that hook into bp_after_register_page, but no luck.

    Thanks for any assistance you can lend.

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  • pcwriter



    Have you seen this plugin from Buddydev?

    BuddyPress Auto Activate Auto Login


    Thanks for pointing that out to me. I hadn’t seen it. Unfortunately, I’m not in the position to join a subscription site.

    Any other suggestions?


    James Thomson


    Hi, has anyone come across the answer to this yet?

    I’m not averse to subscription sites like Buddydev or WMPUdev but I’d prefer a code insert instead of another plugin!





    hi I have a problem with my site, I have created a new login page, which is to be setup as my landing page.. ok. for now i am using a plugin 301 redirects, cause
    im testing it. eventualy i want to hard script it.. which i will need a bit of soon as they log it is redirected to activites.. now if a user wants to click on home it exits to (redirects) login.

    I need to fix it so user can access Home.. there is something confilicting but i need a bit of help on it.

    thanx all

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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