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Redirect Issue witGravity Forms User Registration instead of BuddyPress Register

  • mibrenner



    I would like to use Gravity Forms in conjunction with their User Registration add-on to register a new member to my site.

    I’ve created a Page ( and added the Gravity Forms registration form to that page. I’ve also told the User Registration add-on that I have a Custom Registration Page and that it’s httpL// This essentially sets up a redirect for WordPress registration to this specific page.

    The problem is that BuddyPress also asks to set up a redirect for a registration page and when I tell BuddyPress that it’s, the content/template on that page is BuddyPress not my Gravity Form.

    If I set the BuddyPress setting for the registration page to be “- None -“, I get the error message “The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Register.”

    Is their a way to let BuddyPress know that I’m using another service (GF) to handle registration?


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  • greenkoi


    Are you using the GF buddy press plugin ?

    User Registration

    I forgot to make the switch under the options to.



    I’m confused as to what you’re asking @greenkoi.

    I’m using the User Registration Add-on, which populates BuddyPress custom fields.

    What switch are you referring to?



    If you’re using GF’s registration plugin and you do not associate a register page with BP, you’ll have to ignore the notice in the admin area.

    Two alternatives I see:
    1. Add a register page with BP, but use it as a dummy to avoid the notice. WHen someone attempts to go to this dummy page, write a small plugin to redirect to your GF register page.

    2. Add a register page with BP, but override the BP registration template so it will use GV’s registration form. Not sure if BP’s validation will try to force certain fields to be completed if you use this method and someone submits the form.



    Thanks @r-a-y

    I’ll likely go with the first alternative you suggested.



    That’s a solution? Really? I’m just scoping this out and amazed that GFs hasn’t figured this out.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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