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Register Form not showing

  • jasg



    The register form will not show on my website.

    I have deactivated and reactivated Buddypress multiple times. I have downloaded and uploaded the plugin multiple times. I have changed my theme to the 2015 one and I’m still having the same problem. I have made a “register” page and have edited the fields that I want new users to fill out on the registration form too, but, although I have pointed for the registration form to go on the register page, there is no form for people to sign up. There is just the page I’ve created that says “register”, nothing else. I have also added a”log-in” page in my sidebar, which includes a “register” button. The button takes users to the “register” page that does not have the form for them to sign-up.

    I have also checked my site on different browsers to see if the form will show, and it does not.

    Very grateful for your help.

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  • Soul_King


    Im having the same problem!! created the register page and assigned it in the buddypress settings.
    everytime i try go to the register page, nothing happens! The same thing happens to every page on the site once it been assigned to the register page withing in buddypress settings????

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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