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How to Register to contests via BuddyPress profile

  • JMDP


    I’m using Divi 2.0 from Elegant Theme.
    I’m currently designing a YachtClub website organizing contests and sail races.

    I’d like to know how, once logged, people could subscribe to an event (contest) only ticking a box like “Yes I will attend to the race” and then get all its registration form fullfilled, ready to be send to the national federation. Information would be taken from their “Extended Profile”.

    In their profile are mentionned their ranking, boat type, sail number, email, phones…
    And in order to avoid to repeat this fullfilling everytime they want to get inscribed, I seek for a simple “One shot” information file.

    Can I do that via BuddyPress?

    Your help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    PS : May be adding WooCommerce could do it, but WooCommerce would be a little bit to much for approx. 50 racers, no?

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  • danbp


    Can I do that via BuddyPress? BP is not a contest plugin, so you have to find another way to achieve this. Maybe using a plugin or create your own.

    So far i know, there is this older plugin who may be do the job. No idea if it works with 2.1.1 and how, but give it a try and let hear from you.



    Thanks Dan, I will and let you know.

    But as far as me or a competitor is logged, we know about its personal details.
    Can’t he sign with its personnal BuddyPress details as done for a group or a forum for example, where all of its details appear ??

    Just to make sure: I don’t want the plugin to organize the event with schedule or anything else, simply to be able to sign an inscription form with its BP account.
    Am I correct?



    First of, there is no BP account, it’s a WordPress account with extended information if you use the xprofile component.

    When the user is logged in, any information related to him is on his profile, and in fact, this user is then considered a “member” with common user attribute (subscriber, author, and so on).

    Now what ? You want a contest page where members can participate.
    What do you need on this page ? User information and probably some contest answers.

    I don’t see the problem you’re affraid of…. At this stage, a contest page or a group or a forum page is the same thing: a place to execute dynamically something related to a contest, a group or a forum. There is no difference for the (logged in) member itself.
    Anything related to him is already on his profile page.

    The difficulty, if ever it exist, is to collect the members who belong to the contest and to send the the xprofile form to the federation.

    See if ContactForm7 allows you to send such a form, and perhaps create an additionnal profile tabs where you can add your contest credential, so you can easily extract this part and send it by mail.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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