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Registration form problem and confusion

  • rlrob008


    Good Day All,

    I have been reading through these forums with regards to the BuddyPress Registration form issue.

    I am not too sure if I understand the requirements properly from reading so many threads on here. I think I just ended up confusing myself further.

    We setup a BuddyPress website here The website has a customised registration form. The “Allow anyone to register” option is set in the admin panel.

    This is the BuddyPress registration form.

    Currently in most browsers desktop and mobile the registration form does not work. It is however erratic as some can register and others can’t.

    It does that reloading of the form with contents still loaded for many users. It was not working in any browsers until Friday last week. Then we rolled back to an older version and it started working on certain devices it had stopped working on until then.

    We have even setup a test installation of the platform with only WordPress and BuddyPres (manual installs) with the default BuddyPress theme activated. The same problem persists there.

    These are the 2 latest threads we have gone through to try to resolve the issue:

    Neither of which helped.

    What I was wanting to know is the following.

    1) Do we need to completely disable BuddyPress registration?
    2) Use the default WordPress registration?
    3) Is there a step-by-step guide to assist one with this process?
    4) Is there perhaps a compatibility issue with the system and certain browsers?

    We have currently lost large chunks of time trying to solve this issue and styling it to work on mobile devices so we are on the tightest of deadlines to complete and any assistance would be highly appreciated.

    The WordPress version currently used is: 3.5.1
    The BuddyPress version currently used is: 1.6.2
    The previous BuddyPress version used: 1.6.4

    Hopefully I have enough detail for assistance.
    Kind Regards

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