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Registration not working

  • skartar


    I have BP 1.5 on a single site on wp 3.2.1. I am using a child theme of bp-default and have been able to register through /register with no problems until yesterday. Now the form clears and /register reloads without the form loading – no users are added to the database and the email is not sent. I can still add users through the admin panel. To troubleshoot I have disabled all plugins except buddypress and activated bp-default, and registration still does not work. I have also deactivated and deleted buddypress, downloaded a new zip, uploaded and reactivated. I have cleared caches and tried via different machines – no change. What else can I try please?

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  • Tammie Lister


    Have you tried resetting your permlinks? I’m just thinking something may have got stuck there and somehow that is impacting .. stab in dark but worth a shot.



    Thanks for the reply karmatosed. I have just tried this. Changed from a custom structure (did BP do this?):
    Month and name, but it didn’t work. I’ve just had a thought – I followed the codex instructions here: to add a subdirectory multisite 2 days ago, but changed back because it was not what was needed. I’ve replaced my original .htaccess and wp-config and dropped the multisite tables, but could this have caused this problem?



    I have looked for this since a long time. The problem comes from the plugin and widget mailpress. It’s terrible!
    I always look at for widgets now, when I install something.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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