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[Resolved] Registration Page text color issue

  • g35fan


    Hello, I installed the latest version of buddypress on my latest version of WP thats running a theme.

    Everything is looking good so far but on my Register page the text is black, which is the same color as my transparent and black backgrounds.

    In white font, I see, “create an account” “registration is easy…”, “account details”, “profile details”, “this field can be seen by: anyone”

    I am unable to see: “Username (required)”, “Email Address (required)”, “Choose a Password (required)”, “Confirm Password (required)”, “Name (required)”

    I know this is a newb question! I’m sure it’s somewhere in a .css file and have searched these forums. Thanks!!

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  • aces


    Try looking with the developer tools in Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer, or use Firebug with Firefox, or Opera’s Dragonfly

    What theme are you using and is it a ‘child’ theme? Do you have a public URL?



    Hey Aces – thanks! I installed the firebug addon and I was able to make the necessary changes pretty easily. Nifty lil add on!

    However…new issue…not sure if I should open a new thread but my sidebar is just all messed up. It doesn’t appear on my bbpress /forums/ page at all, but it does appear on my /members, /activity, /groups pages – except it’s lost it’s alignment and is pushed down.

    I guess my real problem after hours of searching and reading is finishing the 3rd step in the buddypress template pack install, Step Three: Tweaking your layout. I just can’t seem to get this darn thing to work. I’ve tried the manual way and changing header, footer sidebar to buddypress-sidebar, etc. It’s just out of my league. I have a purchased wp theme and have been in contact with the creator but it’s been days since I’ve heard anything :/




    As it’s a totally different question, I suggest you start a new topic with a different title.

    I don’t know much about the bbpress stuff as I am still using legacy formums.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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