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  • CreativeReef


    Hi, i am new at using BuddyPress but know my way around different languages of coding.
    Anyway i have installed the BuddyPress PlugIn with the Salutation WordPress theme.
    I have made a WordPress page where the user can select for which membership they want to subscribe. My idea is when they select they will be guided to an unique registration page. Is it possible when they click the registration button to first get a payment by paypal and then also get the right role depending on which page they registered?

    I have 3 membership they can select, a basic one which is free, a full member one and a student one which are costing money for the user.
    If anyone knows a solution please let me know.

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  • CreativeReef


    Hi everybody.

    In the time being i already have installed s2Member as well to provide me the membership option with payment trough PayPal.

    But i still come across some problems. When the user selects a membership and has paid they will be guided to the register page of BuddyPress. But i have to get more information from them on registering depending on which membership they have chosen.

    I really hope somebody can help me out here and reply to this post!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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