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Remove Header From BP Registration page?

  • hindicell


    In my registration form i want to remove the header in which title,search box shows up.and i also do not want to not login user to see home,activity,members and other things how can i hide this thing?this is my registration page
    #my current theme is frisco for buddypress

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  • @mercime


    @hindicell easiest way is to create specific header and footer (matching closing div) files for your register page. To do so:

    1. Copy your theme’s header.php file and save copy as header-registerpage.php
    2. Copy your theme’s footer.php file and save copy as footer-registerpage.php
    3. Open up your theme’s registration/register.php file.
    4. At the very top of the register file, change
    get_header( 'buddypress' )
    get_header( 'registerpage' )
    5. At the very bottom of the register file, change
    get_footer( 'buddypress' )
    get_footer( 'registerpage' )
    6. Adjust codes in your new files as needed.



    Thanxx it worked but same problem i am facing for my other pages as well(like homepage,members,groups etc).I have installed wordpress in and now suppose if someone is familiare with wordpress he can easily access mu stuffs through etc even he can see all stuffs from without logging to my site.Is there any way to prevent this.something like access denied if he is not logged in our any kind of redirection to a url.
    or like You don’t have permission to access /members/ on this server .I am facing lots of problem because of this.



    Hi @hindicell

    first of all create a child theme for Frisco.

    And use conditionnal tags to show/hide template parts intended for logged in or out users.

    Something like

    <code> if ( is_user_logged_in()  ) :

    the stuff to show to logged in users



    <code> if ( ! is_user_logged_in()  ) :

    the stuff to show to logged  out users


    But before going on a overcomplicated work, you would prefer a private BP site ? If so read here:




Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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