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Repair Pages

  • John Abu Jaber


    I just installed the latest version of BP for 24 hrs ago and since I have being wrestling to solve the issue of repairing “Register” “Links” & “Activate” pages. I’m furious to say the least to see new comers unable to register for membership on the rtmedia InspireBook theme. I tried everything from ticking yes to “anyone can register” in the settings to deactivating all plugins except BuddyPress to embedding WP register coding in the Register Page etc. etc.

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  • When you say “solve the issue of repairing “Register” “Links” & “Activate” pages.” that generally means simply telling BP what pages you created should be used for these BP components.

    You need to explain a little about the actual problem you are having doing this or is this some deeper issue with the custom theme you mention in which case you’ll need to clarify how that works where these aspects of BP are concerned.

    And your register page does correctly appear so you’ll need to explain exactly what the issue is your having.

    John Abu Jaber


    I have being wrestling all last week with repairing the above pages in BP It’s seriously damaging my chances of getting new subscribers to register smoothly

    I did Register page by introducing Ajax-register. However, on activating the confirmation email it goes to Activate Page which I can not configure because I can not find a corresponding page in /wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-page-settings&updated=true

    Similarly, I can not find a corresponding page for Link



    @christernet Assign the new Register and Activate pages in Settings > BuddyPress > Page as noted in ? If you already did, deactivate other plugins except BP and/or change to one of WP default themes to check what’s causing the issue.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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