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Resend “Invite Anyone” invitations

  • Dggerhart



    I wonder if I’m missing the strokes to resend email invitations that went out through “Invite Anyone” plugin. Not a great deal of Knowledge Base at the “Invite Anyone” support site…

    So I’m hoping that with records are in BuddyPress Invitations there is a way to reissue.

    Is there a way to bulk select and resend? Or do they all have to be re-entered?

    Thanks in advance for steering my inquiry.
    WordPress 4.9.6 running Idyllic theme
    BuddyPress Version 3.1.0
    Invite Anyone Version 1.3.20

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  • Venutius


    Looks like this is not a feature of Invite Anyone, Whilst all the old invites are stored in the Dashboard>>BuddyPress Invitations page there is not an option to resent these.



    Yup. Thanks! I was really hoping I was just missing something simple…

    Anecdotally — it appears that single invitations are transmitted reliably. Using the multiple invite feature (addresses separated by commas) might be failing.



    I wanted to close this topic by summarizing my “Solution”

    Keyboard buffer forklift of the invitation data into a Mac Numbers spreadsheet (it readily accepted and columnized the table data from the CMS list view of invites.) This goes page by page. I had about 15 of them.

    I then copied the single column of email addresses into the MailChimp account and created a “Re-invite” Campaign with some other stuff, like how to ask for help, etc.

    This circulated to something over 100 (de-duped) addresses.

    Screen Shot of Reinvitation Campain Report 3 days old.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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