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[Resolved] Is this the correct Registration Page?

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  • @mercime


    Did you just upgrade your installation or is this a new install? For the former, there has been no change in the registration template in the upgrade from BP 1.5.4 to BP 1.5.5. Beyond the registration page, have you tried changing to bp-default theme and check if registration works then?



    That is the correct register page.
    You can add Fields to the register page by going to Buddypress>Fields>add new
    I will register to make sure it works correctly.

    I tried to register for your website, I noticed there is no Name field, perhaps download Buddypress and copy the register.php and place it in your FTP site of the registration file.


    I have not upgraded to 1.5.5. I will do it. When i do it, do i need to change the register.php file after i upgraded it?

    I will go to Buddypress >> Field >> Add new and create a Name field.



    There seems to be something other then just adding the name field.. The name field should be there during installment of Buddypress.

    Have you modified any core files of Buddypress?

    I have upgraded to 1.5.5 The registration page remain the same.

    I go to Buddypress>Fields>add new and create a “Name” group, But it Failed. It says there is an error saving the group.

    I change to a BP default Theme, its the same thing, that it doesn’t work.

    How do i create a Name Field Under Profile Name ?
    How to get my registration page to accept User registration?

    Yes, I was told to modified this:

    SCroll down to the link and i follow the instruction to change the 16 files…

    I Change the script as suggested in the list in above link…total 16 files in total i have changed.

    Some files i can’ t find this script

    so i just remove those line which looks exactly the same on top and bottom of scripts.

    Let me know if this is what causes the problem…

    Anyone has any sample page to show me how the registration page should looks like?
    I am not able to get what its suppose to be…




    This is the original registration form from bp-default theme

    Back up your current registration/register.php then download register.php from link above and upload to your theme’s /registration/ folder. If that doesn’t work, I suggest deactivating BuddyPress and BP plugins then changing to Twenty Eleven theme. Check if registration is working on WordPress alone.

    @mercime I have done what you mentioned, deactivate BP and plugins and change to Twenty eleven theme and the registration page still the same as it is, not change.

    What i discover is that on the admin Plugin page, there is a plugin which is deactivated by default by WP due to a invalid header. besides that, i don;t have anything elses… What can i do.
    I don;t make to send you my WP admin login to help me see what went wrong..




    == I have not upgraded to 1.5.5. ==
    Let’s go to basic troubleshooting.
    – What version of BP and WP are you on?
    – Single WP or WP multisite? If multisite, is BP installed in main site or subsite?
    – Is your WP installation on Linux or Windows server?
    – Did you install WP manually (ftp, cpanel, etc) or did you use a webhost script (fantastico, simplescripts, etc. not good)?
    – Have you tried to re-upload WP and BP files manually to make sure you have no missing files?

    My WP version is 3.3.1.
    BP plugin 1.5.5
    BP template pack 1.2.1
    I am using Single WP
    WP installation is running on HostGator (i suppose is Window Based) and Using cpanel (fantastico).
    – I install both the files WP and BP automatically. The BP Plugin is installed by using the admin >> Plugin >> Add New.

    I can try to delete the BP and upload again manually…
    What else i need to check on…

    I have deleted the BP files and Reinstall back manually.
    The result is still the same.? Is it due to my WP wordpress installation, how can i reinstall wordpress, can this be the issue?

    I tested with Twenty Eleven theme and there is NO changes, I can’t see the Name Field on registration page. See below.

    @mercime any news and recommendation?



    == Using cpanel (fantastico) … how can i reinstall wordpress, can this be the issue? ==

    @allentan you will need to re-install WordPress. WordPress should be installed manually, e.g. via FTP, and NOT via webhost scripts which bring about numerous issues when BuddyPress is activated.” (reference)

    @mercime If i do the WP reinstallation manually, will that affect my site and SEO of my site?


    I have reinstalled WP into a Sub-Folder. Still remain the same.

    I think this plugin just don’t work…



    This plugin works in thousands of sites. Re-reading your previous posts, have you checked whether you can add profile fields in BuddyPress > Profiles in base group? Have you contacted your host’s tech support and/or checked your forums re any issues about BuddyPress installations?


    I have contacted my host and checked and confirmed all the setting on the server can support BP.

    I create a sub-folder named dev/ and manually installed WP 3.3.1. and then upload the WP-Content folder, and create a new DB and uploaded the DB files into my new DB. That was what i did.

    I tried to create a group name under profile setting, But it can’t allow me to create one.

    That’s so much i have done, but still cannot get the BP up and running.
    I don;t know what else i can do…



    == I tried to create a group name under profile setting, But it can’t allow me to create one ==

    First, in your new test site, do not activate any plugin except BuddyPress; and only use the bp-default theme.

    Just so we’re on the same page, when you say you created a “group name”, do you mean you clicked on the button “Add New Group”? Only the fields you create in the base group will show up in the registration form.

    Test: click on “Add New Field” as seen here then add a field with description and save. Log out. Then clear cache and go to registration page.


    I managed to get it to work now… I do the hard way, reset everything and start all over under a new folder /dev. Its working. But alignment is Out a Little.

    But when i register myself as a new user, it doesn;t give me any activation code… i just register and approved it via a link sent to my email.
    I wanted to add this plugin to allow sharing of photo…

    I believe this photo sharing plugin works? How can i integrate them into my site?



    == I managed to get it to work now… I do the hard way, reset everything and start all over under a new folder /dev. Its working ==

    Glad you resolved the issue.

    == But alignment is Out a Little. ==

    You’d need to realign your registration/register.php file again per our compatibility codes here

    == I wanted to add this plugin to allow sharing of photo…buddypress-easy-albums-photos-video-and-music ==

    Sorry I have never used this plugin. Be aware that per its WP Plugins page, it has not been updated for a while and that your images and other media assets will have to be stored in their server, not in your server.

    There are two media plugins compatible with BuddyPress
    – BP Album/Media – free
    – BP Gallery – premium

    Ok. thanks. I will try to avoid using outdated plugin…

    THis should be the plugin you mentioned? Correct?



    Yes it is. And if you need support for BP Album/Media, you can post in their forums here at


    Great… One more question, how can i show photo on a sidebar, is there a sidebar plugin for this above album plugin..?



    @allentan I have not used BP Album, but I am fairly sure that the developers there would have that covered. You can ask in their forums. Good luck.

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