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[Resolved] Still Cant create forum topics!! PLEASE HELP <img src='

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    Hello fellow buddy press friends,

    I have been trying for months to get a site up with buddypress. I originally set up a vanilla forum with single sign on which took me a while but got it working. I switched from Vanilla to Buddy Press for a few big reasons. My problem is since installing buddy press I can never create a forum topic in a group no matter what I try.

    I have read through the codex, I have looked in the forums. I have deleted and uninstalled wordpress and buddypress. I am back to scratch. Before I add any theme or content I would love if anyone could give me some insight.

    I have enabled group forums, created some test groups, but whenever I attempt to create a topic I get this

    This group does not have a forum setup yet.
    Sorry, there were no forum topics found.

    I am so frustrated with this. Any help would be amazing. My site is here

    Thank you for any responses

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  • And can you confirm that you actually have gone through the setup process to ensure forums are activated for groups, and moved necessary bb-config file to site root if not there and that is has correct connection details as your wp-config file has.

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    Hey Hugo! Sorry for the late response back.

    – I have gone through the set up process several times to ensure forums are activated
    – bb-config file is in site root
    – Some details were different here, (the data basename, user name & pw) I changed them to match the wp-config file

    After checking these 3 things off I am again left frustrated. I am sure it is something small and I have been playing with it for a few hours. I can’t seem to get this to work. Id love to rebuild my site and style it again but I need to get this taken care of first

    any insight would be appreciated, if you need any information just let me know

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    Paul Gibbs


    Making sure that bb-config.php has the same database connection details as wp-config.php is important (it should copy these things when BP creates the bb-config.php for you, automatically).

    Checking that the group forums setup process in the backend is completed is another step (which you’ve already done).

    Try going into an existing group > admin > settings, and turning off forums (and saving), and then turning the forums back on (and saving).

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    Hey Paul!

    I just tried that out. I went into settings an did what you said. I have NO IDEA WHY, but it worked! You have no idea how happy I am now. I can pack my stuff, go to starbucks, and get back to the fun stuff.

    Thank you Paul and Hugo so much!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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