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[Resolved] Responsive homepage layout conflict

  • andy_blanc


    I’ve just installed buddypress with a responsive template called ‘folio-grid’ but unfortunately it seems to be conflicting with the responsive homepage layout.

    I understand that not all templates are BP compatible but if there is a quick fix for this I would be highly grateful.

    Running WP 3.5.1 and BP 1.7.1


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  • @mercime


    @andy_blanc can’t open the link you gave above.
    I don’t see how BuddyPress templates can be conflicting with the responsive home layout when BP uses the regular Page template though.

    I could open the link :p you move your mouse pointer over the text that’s red colour and push down the left button on…

    You need to be a little clearer about what is wrong also the index page isn’t showing BP content, checking BP content doesn’t show anything that wrong though, as for ‘responsive’ (a word becoming overused/misused) the theme hasn’t much beyond a little adaptiveness at a ~600px breakpoint, BP – as Merc – what’s a mouse – ime says BP should be fine with that in theme compat mode.




    Using firebug on the page you refer to, I can see various errors in the console tab.

    Using the html tab you appear to be trying to load different versions of jquery, but not the current version ( 1.8.3 ) which is included with wordpress….

    Your site is trying to load /themes/foliogrid-pro/codaslider/js/jquery-1.7.2.min.js and jquery 1.6.1 from google.

    See for yourself using the developer tools in Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer, or use Firebug with Firefox, or Opera’s Dragonfly

    I think these issues need to be sorted out for things to work.

    To disable bp responsive css see:



    thanks @aces.

    I’m trying to clean up old scripts but I can’t find the ‘jquery 1.6.1 from google’ call anywhere. Could it be loaded by a plugin? Forgive me, I’m clearly a novice particularly when dealing with scripts.

    , The homepage layout breaks as soon as I activate BP. The rest of the site including BP pages are fine. p.s. I just call it responsive because it adapts and rearranges depending on the size of the display (even though I’ve limited this to about 1170px).


    @andy_blanc ok without necessarily knowing how the homepage was meant to look it wasn’t apparent their was an issue but as I see now a ‘working’ correctly? front page I assume you have things sorted, looking at the working page guessed the theme relied heavily on JS which was likely the issue but @aces I think nailed that issue down and you have dealt with and corrected, so are things now resolved?



    Thanks @aces and @hugo I have just figured it out.

    Found it in the theme-functions.php file, played around with a couple of variations and it worked. Kind of fumbled may way through but everything seems to be working now. Although the error console is still showing a couple of issues which I’ll tackle in due course.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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