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Restructuring registration process to an industry standard

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    I want a registration form that looks something like this:

    First name: …

    Last name: …

    Email address: …

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    This excellent plugin makes login with email address possible; a username is no longer needed!

    Restructuring the registration form in WPMU/BP appears to be almost impossible. I’ve posted other questions about this, like here, but this post is an attempt to start at the top and go through it step by step.

    1. Created a custom field “Last name” and made it required. It appears under “* Name:” on the form as “* Last name:”.

    How can I rename “* Name:” on the form to “* First name:”?

    2. Went into bp-core-signup.php to change the order of the registration form fields – or is there a better way? To move the ‘firstname’ and ‘last name’ fields to the top of the form I’ve moved this bit up:

    echo '<div id="extra-fields">';
    do_action( 'signup_extra_fields', $errors );
    echo '</div>';

    Unfortunately ‘Profile Picture (Avatar)’ is included in signup_extra_fields.

    Why? Is there any way to remove this from the initial registration and move it to optional profile fields?

    Or is there any way to move “Name” (or firstname+lastname) to the top of the form separate from the extra_fields?

    Where and how are the extra_fields generated? How can I change their appearance, remove/edit text, etc.?

    Solutions to this would be a good start. More problems later…

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