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  • Why there is no option to search buddypress support forum. The site search box at the top right only throws results that are in blog/announcements.

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  • aces


    Google: Your Question Here ? is meant to be a better showcase of buddypress than this site



    How do I find my BP forum posts here at BP support? I can find my WP forum posts at but not BuddyPress!
    My ‘Your Activity’ link tells me the number of my posts but nowhere can I find a link to my posts (so I cannot review them!).
    I follow Mercime (a moderator on this site)-but I cannot see a way to private message her for help?!
    I am having lots of trouble running BP on my site and am finding help hard to get here.

    NB Why does my post say ‘Deleted User’ when I am logged in as richardpd?
    NNB-Fixed ‘Deleted User’ issue…I was not logged in properly?! I am not sure how that happened but I changed my settings & relogged in & is fine now!!



    ditto – both the above suggestions.
    i think lack of forums search + no way to find ones own posts limits the community activity here somewhat – essential for BP community to grow and develop – IMHO.



    richardpd, what I do to find my posts is go into my activity page and it shows the posts I have partaking in.



    The search issue is known and will be addressed soon. Thank you all for your patience.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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