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sidebar not getting css styles

  • Our buddypress sidebars are not getting css styles applied except on the activity page when viewing a post. I made two screen shots to better explain. – (Screenshot of /members/name/activity/) all buddypress pages look like this with the sidebar not having the correct widget title font size, no title bg color, too wide and below content body etc. – (Screenshot of /members/name/activity/18) Strangely this is the only page that does work correctly? This is what the sidebar is supposed to look like. But it only works correctly if viewing a post.

    MY QUESTIONS: Why is this page different than the other buddypress pages. What file do I need to edit to get the sidebar on these pages to use the correct css?

    Anything other forum threads I can find similar to this are focused on sidebar width, I’m sure this has more to do with it than that but can’t figure it out. Thanks in advance for the help!!

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  • @mercime


    @loudrake first, what theme are you using? If you have a WP theme and used the BP Template Pack plugin, which method did you use to make your WP theme compatible with BP – 1st method which changes more than a dozen BP template files or the 2nd method using header-/sidebar-buddypress.php?

    All probability is that you’re used the first method and missed replacing the divs in all the required BP template files as listed here

    WP Theme, black sakura, with BP Template Pack plugin. I’ll double check all my files for the divs, I did that early in troubleshooting but then got off on trying to modify stylesheet css. After reading your response it makes more sense and hopefully gets me back on the right path. Thanks for the reply.

    Interesting?! I now have the correct sidebar, yippee! Except I still have the original sidebar at the bottom still also? At least It’s different and has me going in the right direction. Thanks! I’ll comeback if I get it and close this out.

    OK, I have everything working EXCEPT on the events-manager pages in my buddypress admin profile it shows the correct sidebar on the right but it also has the sidebar shown again under the body/content of the page in the unstyled format.

    Any one have an idea where I find that get_sidebar php tag? I’m also afraid if I do find it that the WordPress admin will break if I remove the tag. Can I just turn events-manager off in buddypress and access it through the wordpress admin instead? How do I do that?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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