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  • I wonder if there is a possibility of a sitewide search. I am not sure how well the WPMU PLugin “GT Search all Blogs” works… But I wonder, if there is a possibility out of buddypress without the Install of a seperate plugin (“Blogs” searches all Blog-Titles, “Groups” searches all Groups etc… is it possivle to open it to a “search all”?).

    Does anybody have a clou or an answer out there??? Thanx!

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  • Arturo


    miguael ONLY ONE (1) topic per question. thanks.

    sorry, bbpress gave me an error and a couple minutes later all my “trying” showed up…

    Burt Adsit


    What?! What?! What?! What?!


    Shit happens.

    Let’s leave the Meta-Perspective… Does anybody have a solution to a sitewide-search? I do not know why GT-Search Plugin doesn’t work, but I think one should really have a sitewide search-solution. Any ideas at all?

    Someone clever could probably put a plugin together that combines the search results from the members, blogs and groups search.

    Mike Pratt


    Andy – Even if they did it wouldn’t accomplish the mission. The search you speak of seems to only search the titles or names in members, blogs, and groups NOT content. I have yet to be able to search for content

    Burt Adsit


    This site wide search issue is interesting. Everyone wants something different. I need to have content search like Mike. I also need to have all content site wide aggregated into categories and tags. Cross all blogs on the site. I’ve implemented this by installing donncha’s site wide tags plugin. Any post by any user on any blog goes to the ‘tags’ blog where they all live. This is my community blog.

    I had to turn off the activity component in bp to get this though. Currently those two confilict.

    Now searching the community blog searches all blog content except pages. It’s very nice because when you find a post that interests you on the community blog you get redirected to the source of the article. You wind up on the blog where the article actually lives.

    Mike, I see your problem. The bp search is designed to find things in bp. Not content on a blog. Hmmm. The standard wp way of searching blog content is somehow integrating the searchform.php into your theme. Check out any theme that has a search box. It usually loads up searchform.php. When the user enters in a search term wp goes out and uses search.php template to display the results.

    Check out the wpmu default theme. It makes a call to get_search_form() where it wants to display searchform.php.



    Are there any plugins available that allow site wide search? what is the current status of this

    I ended up using this plugin and I am really happy with it:

    Tags, Categories and search (if you want to) – works great!

    old account


    i agree with Burt, modifying the searchform.php and search.php template files inside the default theme of BP with the custom search code shall do the trick like it did in WP and WPMU.

    i’ll try it..infact i’ll try it now..will repot if it workss

    old account



    i have an idea that i want you to comment on. please respond.

    modify searchform.php with the custom search code (sorry but i’m referring to Google here just for site wide search) having only single box+button only, i.e no dropdown menu.

    modify search.php with the custom search result code, putting the results from the members, blogs, forums and groups search in their respective tabs with ajax.

    This way user skips a step and also gets a better looking simple search box.

    This shall do the trick like it did in WP and WPMU. Later on someone clever (like you and not me) could probably put a plugin to do that.



    Any luck hacking a single search bar format or finding a plugin that will do that? It seems like a much cleaner look.



    One search bar to rule them all? :)

    Would like seeing this too, the dropdown menu looks unprofessional and is hard to design.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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