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Sizing of navigation tabs

  • Michael4fm


    Can anyone help me with sizing of navigation tabs?

    Using:  WordPress 3.5.1, BuddyPress 1.7, Montezuma (Bytesforall) theme. Difficult to ‘just switch’ to Twenty Ten / Twenty Eleven as it’s a ‘presentation’ problem.

    I’m trying to resize BP navigation tabs to match others I’m using at my site.

    As you can see, I’m managing to resize the ‘sub menu’ navigation, but not the ‘top level’ … even though they’re using (as far as I can ascertain) exactly the same CSS classes, ID, etc.  Actually … you can’t see. You need to be logged in and viewing your own dashboard for there to be sub-nav items. Sorry. Just have to take my word for it :-)  To the right of  the member name, if you’re signed in, there are sub-nav tabs for ‘View’, ‘Edit’, etc. which are the same size as ‘Register’ and  ‘Log In’. The ‘Comments’, ‘Profile’, etc. tabs are generated by BuddyPress as a ‘main navigation’ menu.

    I’ve played with CSS in the Montezuma theme, in BP Template plugin, and in ‘default.css’ in the main BP plugin. Can anyone suggest where I should be looking? Driving me mad that I can’t crack what should be such a simple thing!

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  • @mercime


    I’ve played with CSS in the Montezuma theme, in BP Template plugin

    If you mean the BP Template Pack plugin by “BP Template” plugin then you shouldn’t need to use that plugin with BP 1.7 … unless theme author instructions require you to do so?

    As for your CSS problem. Getting 500 error when I don’t want cookies.



    Thanks for the feedback @mercime

    You’re correct with your identification of the BP-Template plugin. I’ve got rid of the plugin now, though had to copy the CSS to my theme file. The CSS was really all I was using after setting up the pages, so it was good housekeeping to get rid of it.

    500 error? Server side problems? Hum .. yeah … It seems to too often be loading very slowly for some reason. I access via mobile broadband so not always sure if it’s the site or my connection, so it’s good to get independent feedback. The cookie thing is an EU requirement. I could opt for a less obtrusive notice that the site uses them … probably should actually … but the problem with we Brits is that of all the EU members we’re the ones that actually implement their legislation properly!

    Moving the CSS prompted me to play with sizing again. I got it a bit smaller … a couple of pix top and bottom … not totally what I wanted but small enough for me to make the other buttons the same size to make it look ‘right’. So problem not exactly solved but a compromise reached.

    LOL … in a few days I’ll work out how to get the tabs the size I wanted, but by then will be used to the size they are so will want to keep them that way!!

    Thanks again for the feedback.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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