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Some 1.1.2 bug reports

  • danbpfr


    versions WPMµ & Buddypress 1.1.2 (trunk)

    When calling a group from the group widget, by cliking on his name, a go to a blank page.

    Same thing when i try to go to a group from a SWA group link, BUT NOT when using a post title link going to this group

    When creating a new group, all steps went well but when clicking on finish, i have a blank page.

    On SWA, this action shows with a wrong time (x created a group 1 hour ago)

    In the group widget, the group shows the right time : created 4 minutes ago

    I deactivate all my plugins, the problem still occurs. Any idea ?

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  • danbpfr


    My idea and tested

    By reinstalling the normal version of 1.1.2 things went back correctly.

    Probably a little path error in one of the group files… ?

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