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Some WordPress MU/Buddypress questions/issues – any help will be much appreciated!

  • Hello everyone,

    So for the last year I’ve been meaning to create a new skateboarding website but this time more of a community with WordPress MU/Buddypress rather than information based< I'm blown away with both WordPress MU and Buddypress!

    I’m running into a couple of issues which I help someone can help me with. Granted, they are quite minor but I’m a bit mad

    My new site is:
    Now thanks to WordPress MU visitors can create their own blogs, e.g

    Anyway here are my questions:

    1) On my main site you’ll see that the top admin bar stretches across the whole site. Now when someone creates a blog such as the bar doesn’t stretch across the whole site. This would normally involve some CSS tweaks but the strange thing is that the CSS files are identical with the main domain as each blog uses the same custom theme. So I’m trying to figure out why this is. For those who are familiar with Buddypress, do sub-blogs automatically have different stylesheets?

    2) I have created a custom permalink structure for the main blog. Now when someone registers for a free blog by default I would like this permalink structure to be selected. Is this possible or am I taking this too far?

    3) Is it possible to hide the default theme from users admin panel and turn my theme on by default? At the moment when a new blog is created it shows a white page. I imagine this is because it’s looking for the default WordPress theme (TwentyTen). It works perfectly once the user selects my custom theme in the admin panel.

    Thanks very much for any assistance with this!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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