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Spam/Bot users

  • mmaccou


    I have akismet and I just added iThemes Security, however I am still getting several bot users gaining access to my site. Last night, 12 were added. I am assuming this is via buddypress? In the wordpress settings, I have the membership box checked that says “anyone can register” but they should still have to go through the registration process and request membership. Sometimes, the users automatically show up on the site without me granting access. Other times, they will be in the pending folder (requested access) but they are all from other countries, odd “about me” sections, and weird email addresses.

    If this is not a buddypress issue, I apologize, but to me it seems like it might be. Looking for some direction.

    Also, I have the “coming soon” plugin installed. If I have that activated, these issues do not exist.

    This is what I have installed…

    buddypress version 2.1.1
    WP version 4.0.1
    Akismet version 3.04
    iThemes Security version 4.5.6

    What other measures can I make to only have real users added?

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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