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Spots Kenya Launched WOOP

  • trcwest


    Dear all…

    I just wanted to write a post to say that i have finished launched and handed in

    It has had some really great feedback so far with lots of people loving the buddypress stuff. even some investors are keen to talk.. so that is sweet.

    I want to thank burtadsit andypeadly and nicolagreco as they have really helped me out with particular thanks to burtadsit.

    There have been lots of others that have really helped me so thanks also..

    currently there are a few styling issues and things that are being added up..

    some of the know buddypress bugs are the notifications for groups (spots) not disspearing and each time an ivite is sent it doesnt clear. this may be a custom slug issue??

    there is also an issue with the direct messages.. srangely my messages service on my main admin account has died and i cant view my inbox just says that there are no emails..

    the odd thing is that all others user are ok.. i think this may be linked to the amount of emails i have recieved??

    there is also a bit of buggyness on the creat spots page with the bpdeve groups extra fields plugin.. i think its acting up as i have hacked it and put the gmaps in..

    there is also a few userbilitty issues that need to be sorted.

    we are hoping to make the community spots better and and maps agrigator for this.

    we also really want to allow for facebook connect logins but with a better smaller js that only loads once as it really slows the site down.. twitter connect would be sweet and allow users to link in there twitter status..

    but yeah thats all really for now sorry for the messy post..

    do check it out let me know of any bugs and things that you think are dodgey

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  • Burt Adsit


    I think that your host/server is getting overloaded by the launch Timothy. :)



    Timothy, great job on Spots Kenya and glad to see that you have got a good response already. I have a question. I noticed that members who are not logged in see a large welcome bar across the top with a signup link. Have you used the welcome widget for this or is it a custom job?



    @Timothy West, I like your site very custom which is good, & what did you use for privacy members?



    @burt yes i have noticed that it is really slow… how can i get this sorted do i contact my server… could my site be slow due to all the plugins.. ??

    for the privacy I used a redirect url script that just redirect people who are not logged in.. i will try repost here when i find it.. its just i cant go into my server until my uni lecturers have marked my project.. : (

    the welcome bar is really simple just a if user loged in php statement that i used from the buddypress nav bars.. again i cant remember exactly how to right this but ill find it on my mac and in the cod and repost..

    thanks all

    Jeff Sayre


    Well, done! I know you have put a lot of time into this project and it shows!

    i have noticed that it is really slow… how can i get this sorted do i contact my server… could my site be slow due to all the plugins

    There are a number of reasons this could be happening. It could be plugin related. You may wish to investigate instituting object caching. See this article:

    But, the best initial advice is to contact your hosting firm and have them help you figure this out. Depending on the hosting plan you have, a few of the more obvious causes are:

    – There could be memory issues (caused by insufficient memory allocated to your account, by memory leakage, by Apache being poorly configured, your site is hitting a memory limit–although with memory limits you usually receive a message indicating just that)

    – You may be hitting a preset bandwidth limit (so much throughput over a given short period of time). But you should receive some sort of a message if this is the case.

    – If you are on a shared, non-vps setup, you could simply be getting penalized by other sites unfairly hogging the server’s resources.

    – It could be a MySQL server issue

    These are just a few of the possibilities. Your hosting firm should be able to help you pinpoint the cause–or at least get close to understanding what is happening.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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