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stacked at the step 2, the set-up stops and disappears

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  • @mercime


    @miskostanisic Is this a single WP site or a multisite installation? Are WP/BP installed at domain root e.g. or in subdirectory?

    Misko Stanisic


    It is a single WP site
    WP and BP are installed in the subdirectory wordpress (
    BP is in




    if you have no particular reason, it would be better that you install wordpress at the site root (
    What php and mysql version are installed on your host ?
    Check also phpinfo(); and look how much php_memory_limit is attributed to your site

    Misko Stanisic


    Phoooh, I had a strange problem and couldn’t log in to the BP forum for over a week (??). There is another post about it here. When loged in to my WP account I couldn’t open the BP forum (“Error 404 – Destination Not Found”). Another user suggested today that I should try to click on all menu items in the BP website first, before clicking on the forum. I did that, and suddenly I could open the forum again. (wtf?)

    Now to the strange part…

    I just wanted to answer to this post, but decided to give another try of installing BP. Nothing has be changed since the last time. Except, this time I could run the installation wizard to the end without any problems. (??) So I guess that I installed BP successfully.

    I suspect that these two problems were somehow connected.
    I think that I wasn’t able to install BP for the same reasons I couldn’t login to this support forum. Still, I don’t know what it was..
    Does it sound crazy?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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