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Tagged style pet game?

  • Would love to see a pet game type plugin. You basically earn fake money every time you visit the site every 4 hours or so.

    You also can buy and sell pets. It’s a game where you buy and sell other members. Each time you buy someone their value goes up. When you sell a pet the profit is split between the seller and the pet.

    It seems to keep people coming back to tagged all the time and would be a great fun way to keep them coming back to a buddypress social network.

    Just my 2 cents that is worth about 2 cents.



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  • John James Jacoby


    Rob, this would definitely be possible through the use of a plug in, that you or someone would need to make of course.

    This could actually tie into many different types of social interactions, like karma, or user feedback, or post ratings resulting in a cumulative rating for that individual, which could then tie into a ranking system that gives that user expanded access to other areas of the site.

    The possibilities are endless really. :D

    Rewarding interaction and returning to your site multiple times a day is a big key to making a successful social site.

    If I understood the ins and outs of how to develop plugins I would be all over it.





    I have built 2 components, 1 being a token system, and the 2nd being badges.

    The tokens can be purchased via paypal, or earned from site admins. They can be used to by “gifts” to give to other members.

    The badges are like setup like private gifts that have membership criteria, such as # of blog posts or # number of friends.

    Setting up these wasn’t hard, and adding on a login action, to increase number of tokens if last login was over 4 hours ago wouldn’t be hard.

    Buying and selling friends is pretty easy too, a little over done but can be built easily.

    My suggestion take advantage of user meta and site meta to store values. These are also cached nicely so makes for slightly faster page loads.

    Check them all out at:


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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