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  • Hi,

    Could someone tell me how to post content to the “News” section of a fresh BuddyPress installation ?

    Do I have to create a Post, a Page… a “News” blog ?… I don’t find anything.

    Thanks 4 your help

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  • revolutionfrance


    Hello, I have the same problem as many.

    My buddypress installation is as follows:

    Installed in

    Permalinks: /news/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

    When I click on one permalink of the root blog in the recent news section, it brings me to the blog post within the buddypress theme. However when I click on news, I get the header, the sidebar, but where the news should be just : “edit this entry” (without even the leftcol_header_back.gif appearing).

    Any ideas?

    Burt Adsit


    @pioneerskies I was testing the bp home theme on wpmu root blog (id ==1) with wpmu installed in the doc root. Everything works fine except that I don’t want to run the bp home theme as the wpmu root blog. I like the features of the bp home theme so I tried to implement those features in the theme of my root blog. It just got to busy on that blog home page. All the bp home widgets plus those I needed for other purposes made my decision to run the bp home theme on a subdomain. I modified the widgets to allow this and I’m off and running.

    So I think. The widgets work but everything else gets 404 on that blog. The ‘news’ link gets 404. I create a post on that blog and it’s 404. Nothing works that require URIs on that bp home theme, subdomain blog. At the moment that’s very Ok. All I wanted was to consolidate the social networking stuff in one place. The admin menu bar gives constant access to member features and a link to the ‘community’ blog running the bp home theme gets me site wide stuff and full member/group listings.

    However, the normal URLs on that blog are getting hijacked by bp. Looks like the bp home theme was designed to run on blog 1 and it’s hard coded for that.

    @gogoplata You say this isn’t so for you? All’s well in bp home on a subdomain land? What could be different between your install and mine?



    Apparently is a server configutation issue.

    I have hosted in a internet server –

    NEWS and BLOGS have 404 – Not Found is in a home computer (Apache/Xampp/Windows)

    and all goes fine!

    Any idea?





    i’ve your same problem but looking at your sites it seems me that you have solve the problem.. i don’t understand how!

    I believe there is an easy way around this. I’m using the sub directory approach. All I had to do is update the Category base to blog/news and then just update the path in the header.php file under the buddypress-home directory (the one in themes), so the new list item changes to this: <li<?php if(bp_is_page('news')) {?> class="selected"<?php } ?>><a>/blog/news" title="News">News</a>

    Seems to work for me with no issues at all.

    Thanks for all the hard work on this Andy and team, you’ve done something pretty amazing here and you need to know that it’s appreciated!

    ? for Wardah:

    You said: I’m really, really relieved. And I hope that my results will help others. I don’t know if the issues I encountered are related to BP and WPMU running together, or with WPMU itself, or with BP, or all of the above. But since my installations were broken in a subfolder, I believe that a subfolder installation of the social network should be avoided.

    It is still available? Because I’ve installed in a subdir and almost everything is OK, but new blogs from users go in to mydomen/wpmu instead of mydomen/wpmu/blogs You can checl here

    I’m thinking to install the wpmu+buddy in the main root, but want to double check if ti works in subdir.



Viewing 6 replies - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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