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Theme My Login & BuddyPress

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  • rosyteddy


    Please also consider posting the problem her

    Henry Wright


    Hi @dimensionmedia

    My guess is Theme My Login is filtering the logout link so that /login/ is used in place of wp-login.php.

    I noticed from the ‘bad’ URL that there’s no _wpnonce parameter. That is possibly the reason for the ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ message.

    WP nonces are important because they indicate intent. If the processing script can’t verify intent then it’ll likely bail and not complete the logout process.

    David Bisset


    Hi @henrywright. Thanks for responding.

    BTW, I want to apologize a little… for some reason I thought you were the author of the plugin… but Jeff Farthing is. That’s what I was picking on you (thought you said it was your plugin in another thread?).

    So with that being said – plus your response – i’m going to climb inside later and see if i can locate the issue. If anyone sees anything in the meantime, feel free to add to this thread. Either way, i’ll plan on updating the plugin’s support forum in some fashion soon (thanks @rosyteddy).

    Henry Wright



    I wished it was my plugin! It’s fantastic hehe. But unfortunately for me, it’s all Jeffs. I have no affiliation to it whatsoever – aside from being a user of it.

    Hope you manage to find a fix!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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