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[Resolved] "There was a problem cropping your avatar"

  • Davidollerton


    Hi everyone,
    I run The London Film Review ( and have recently installed Buddypress 1.7 (I am using Rush theme and was advised against latest)
    All seems to be working well except the avatar upload, which displays the following message: “There was a problem cropping your avatar”
    I have set all relevent folder permissions to 777, and simply can’t find the issue
    The buddypress aspect is currently hidden (not showing in the main menu) but starts here
    I’ve seen a few posts with this issue but have tried the solutions posted and nothing seems to be working.
    Any ideas? Many thanks

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  • Davidollerton


    Update: It isn’t a theme or plugin issue, as I switched to Twenty Thirteen and found the same problem. After that I switched off plugins 1 by 1 and still nothing.

    Im running WordPress 3.6.1 Buddypress 1.7 and am hosted by zippykid




    Have upadated to latest buddypress, same issue, “There was a problem cropping your avatar”. Cant seem to edit my posts here, sorry for the multiple posts. Thanks



    @davidollerton Where are you hosted? Does your hosting have GD library installed and/or imagemagick? Can you upload media in a regular WP Post or Page and choose the small/media thumbnail?

    What plugins do you have installed? Have you checked whether deactivating all plugins except BuddyPress and changing to Twenty Twelve or Bp Default theme resolve the issue?



    Hi @mercime thanks for feedback – I have tried deactivating all plugins and switched to twenty thirteen, still the same issue, “There was a problem cropping your avatar”

    The site is hosted on zippykid – I will check with them. Uploading regular media to a post or page is also no issue, thumbnails work fine, this is the only time I’ve had any media related issues.

    I’ve also installed “WP User Avatar” and weirdly that works no problem, but I don’t want users to have to go to the wordpress control panel to change their avatar.



    Also – the images ARE being uploaded to the server and are sitting in subfolders in the avatar folders – something is just going wrong with the cropping aspect



    I was having this same issue and none of the posted solutions was working. In the end, it turned out that it was because the filename of the avatar image was the problem (I presume too long).
    Basically, I was testing uploading an autogenerated filename (32203c6ae1bc3723a3432a38b1185490-bpthumb.jpg).
    This failed with the non-descript error: There was a problem cropping the avatar.
    I shortened the filename, and BAM! all works fine.
    In that none of the posts I’ve seen around this problem suggest the filename as being a problem, I thought I’d post my solution.
    (May be worth adding an error check to bp-core-avatars.php ?)

    Henry Wright


    Hi @stefwilliams

    Enhancement suggestions can be made here:

    Juan M. Gonzalez


    I had this same error, “There was a problem cropping your avatar”. After trying many things, what finally worked was installing php5-gd and do a restart.

    On Debian:

    apt-get install php5-gd

    After this, usually people restart Apache server. But in this case there was Nginx server instead, and restarting it wasn’t enough. A PHP restart was needed.

    So, I went to Webmin control panel to restart the Nginx PHP fcgi server:

    System > Bootup and Shutdown > php-fcgi-…

    And avatar cropping started to work for BuddyPress groups, profiles…




    thank you for your reply !
    The php GD2 library is necessary on your server to handle images.

    To all readers:

    In case of issues with common image handling and/or image cropping, ensure that your php has GD library enabled.

    On hosted servers, it is generally the case, but not on local with WAMP for example.

    Making a phpinfo will help you.

    Read also here about other server requirements (required or optionnal)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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