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Three table again :(

  • nickmy



    I asked for it before but didn’t get what I want.I’ll try to explain my problem again

    If you visit

    you see blog post: Hello world

    I’ve got more posts than one.Now I want to have them shown in three tables.

    Hello World | Cool Videos | Birthday

    post…. post….. post….

    instead of

    Hello Wordl



    Cool Videos


    THANKS :)

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  • r-a-y


    This is a theme issue and can be extended by modifying the theme template.



    Yes but how?

    I know that I can change it in the theme folder but I only see php and I’m not good in php

    If you do not know how to create/modify a theme with HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP, then you need to hire a developer. I doubt anyone is going to do this for free for you as it’s quite specific.



    I know but it’s no to much what I need

    You can have a look at a theme called Feed me, Seymour,

    It is not for BuddyPress, but maybe you can find some code to copy and paste…



    There is potentially a way of doing this without having to get your hands wet in code.

    If the posts are in different categories, then you could grab the “WP Post Columns” plugin ( and the “Show Post Shortcode” plugin (on the plugin repository). You can then add shortcodes for three columns within a page (through the backend editor for the page) and, within each column, use the shortcode for showing posts in each of the relevant three categories. I’ve tried this for testing purposes, in a test BP1.2 install, and have had it working perfectly. The column code widths are expressed as percentages so they expand and contract along with the flexible theme.





    P.S. This is an example of the kind of code you add in your page editor:

    Some text before the columns could go here.

    [column width="30%" padding="5%"]
    <strong>Latest news</strong>[showposts category="3" num="4"]
    [column width="30%" padding="5%"]
    <strong>Recent Group Documents</strong>[showposts category="4" num="4"]
    [column width="30%" padding="0"]
    <strong>Groups</strong>[showposts category="5" num="4"]



    You could also do this in CSS with the existing code, albeit you’d have to abide by a few parameters, which could very well be deal breakers. For one, your blog posts would have to be relatively short (think 1-2 sentences or shorter) to keep everything looking somewhat consistent; if you’re just writing blurbs this just might work, but anything longer and I’d probably use the excerpt. This could be a starting point for you…

    #blog-latest .post{

    width: 33%;

    float: left;

    max-height: 400px;

    margin: 0 20px 20px 0;


    You’ll probably want to get rid of the Avatar images and bylines to make more room, but if you’re a bit shaky on your CSS, the plugin method mentioned above sounds like a very great alternative.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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