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[Unresolved] Activity Filtering

  • @mercime What does avatars have to do with my previous topic? Don’t lock or close topics until they are resolved please. If you think I am being impolite then you misunderstood me. If there is no real support here then what is the point of having a forum. It doesn’t take that much effort to say ” I don’t know, but I will try to find someone who does know.” I understand it is open source. Its questions like mine that eventually get answered that will improve the forums. Once I have this info, I will share it with other users, and then those users can share with another and another. That is how things get resolved. I don’t see how asking core developers for help is negative. They know this software more than anyone. I actually think that speaks highly of them that we rely on their guidance. Well I just had to explain, and apologize if anyone misunderstood my intentions.
    Without further ado, Here is my previous topic:
    How can I filter the activity in the activity-loop.php so it will show your own activity and just your friends? The code I posted below filters the activity to only your friends but does not display your own. What can I do?

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  • modemlooper


    Trust me when is say that 90% of topics posted here have been posted before many times over. Try google searches instead of looking here.

    If your topic is not on the first few pages when a core dev or volunteer support user is logged in then you can pretty much forget about getting your topic answered. People are just not going through the back log of support requests. Core devs have time filled with making the software work as advertised. Customization is on you.

    This is just the nature of using free software.

    When posting topics: post your request, search here to see if you can find an answer, google keywords pertaining to your request. If 24 hours has past with no response bump the topic. What another 24 hours. If you get no response seek out a developer for hire.

    @modemlooper I appreciate your response, and your plugin development. Just so you know I have already pretty much exhausted the google searches and came up with nothing regarding this issue other than outdated, or depreciated material. I have scoured the codex for answers to no avail. I have done lots of the development on my site. Its just this one little issue that seems to elude me. If someone has any info as to how I can approach this I would really appreciate it and gratefully pass that knowledge along within the community. By the way modemlooper you have a very nice site. Thanks and have a great day!



    if ( bp_has_activities( bp_ajax_querystring( ‘activity’ ) . ‘&scope=friends&scope=just-me’ ) ) :

    *note: Just woke up. Still tired. Probably put something in the wrong spot… please add the code to your site carefully incase everything blows up.

    EDIT: Here is a direct link to the list of scopes in trunk if your interested in doing some extra reading.

    @chrisclayton Thank you for your response. Well it didn’t blow up at all lol! Here is the code you posted:

    The problem with this after I tested it on my local server is that the second parameter overrides the first parameter. Basically now all it shows is the current users updates and not his friends. I think @modemlooper is right when he mentioned it would only accept one parameter. I guess the question now is how can you force 2 parameters, or filter it in some way, shape, or form so that it does return the user and users friends updates? Thanks again!



    Ahh, your right. Sorry about that.

    I’ll have another look at it in the moment. But, i guess if all else fails theirs a really nice looking filter hook inside bp_has_activities that looks like it has alot of potential to do something awesome :)

    @chrisclayton Okay, I appreciate any help or guidance from anyone!
    Thank you! :-)

    You can indeed only pass one ‘scope’ parameter to bp_has_activities. We have a ticket on trac for this enhancement to be added:

    On a very very quick look, I can’t see a way of achieving this manually in the interim, short of filtering/writing your own SQL for BP_Activity_Activity::get().

    @djpaul Okay, I am happy to know that the enhancement is being considered. Not exactly a quick fix for now, but I appreciate you clarifying the issue anyway.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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