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User cover image will not add app to view portal

  • brudderj505


    I’m using buddypress 3.2.0
    2016 is the theme
    Buddypress was manually installed by the it text and DMT web hosting
    The most immediate problem is that the user cover image is about 10 times larger than the viewport and I have set all configurations in every possible option both in WordPress media also in media press settings also in buddypress settings and I cannot get the user profile image to shrink down so that it will fit inside the view box insured when you upload your video image all you can see is half of your mouth or the tip of your nose the rest of the image is completely out of the viewport and I’ve been trying for 3 and 1/2 Weeks 20 hours a day to figure out the solution into my estimates there is no solution this is genuine coding glitch

    one thing I know for sure a social media platform when you can’t upload your personal profile image is going to go bust and I’ve got $800 riding on this project and I’m about to run out of time and lose my Partnerships so I need a solution to this problem as soon as freaking possible or I’m going to lose more than my partnership in my website I’m going to end up homeless in the street I’ve got everything I own riding on this project… I would really appreciate some assistance as soon as humanly possible in the matter

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  • brudderj505


    PS here’s another problem when are you going to make this website mobile-friendly we’re living in 2018 for goodness sakes…
    On my Droid cell phone when I look at the post I just put up… my Personal Image is covering over the plug-in’s on the site which need to be consider holistically to fix the problem…
    FYI: the majority of the world uses Droid tablets and cell phones

    .. Solution to Communication Breakdown

    Buddypress development Community needs to established a direct SMS textsupport
    To end users and web site Admin’s

    method by which end users can get direct answers to specific problems…

    This is the approach most of the successful and profitable hosting platforms U and it is quite effective and satisfying.
    I know that means of buddypress31 source or grateful for any assistance they can get in setting up buddy Presby cuz it is a complicated and aggravating matter but it does not get easier when you’re faced with Reams and reams of documentation and hours upon hours of reading only to find no solution…



    BuddyPress is open source code – not a commercial product, not a hosting platform.
    All work is done by volunteers.

    I have not experienced the issues you mention.

    It can be frustrating to debug.
    You’ve described the issue, but not what you’ve tried to fix it.

    > Buddypress was manually installed by the it text and DMT web hosting
    Why? Why didn’t you just use the auto-installer?

    Have you tried –
    – deactivating mediaPress
    – deactivating any other plugins
    – switching to another WP theme
    – switching template packs via …/wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-settings
    – using your browser debug tools to see what the css is for profile images

    iow – basic debugging to try and narrow down the possible causes.

    Prashant Singh


    Please try those things that Shane mentioned and also please see this video where I am using the same theme to test with BuddyPress. You will see that everything looks fine there, so certainly there is anything else that is creating the issue.




    my previous post in regard to this particular website is the fifth revision of this website the first for revisions of this website were all used with auto install and after that I downloaded the entire buddypress31 swear explicitly prohibits Auto install of WordPress with platform like soft pholicious which is what I used to install WordPress the first three times in the first three instances you could not access the sign-up or the registration or the activate page I’ve gone through at least six teams and it did not integrate well with any of them for various reasons some functions woodworking one theme and then other things those functions would break in new functions would work but and nothing was it completely functional… So I had WordPress installed by the it texted DMT to make sure that it was installed correctly through the admin panel MySQL which is what is required for the WordPress in order for buddypress31….
    I am aware that buddypress31 but that does not excuse the fact that there is no core development structure going on to supervise the fluid integration of buddypress31 press WordPress itself is an open source project and It suffers a similar problem…
    open source project in something like science research is incredibly useful cuz you can get hundreds of thousands of subjects to participate but it’s something like complicated software development it has serious pitfalls and downfalls to compensate for those pitfalls and downfalls there needs to be some form of structured end-user resource for immediate specific question and answer… But even before that then needs to be some kind of structured LLC hierarchy type situation that supervises the functionality of the software before it is released to the public…
    In this last paragraph I’m disgusting the business structure that applies to a successful business because that’s what I know as I mentioned in my earlier post I’m only interested in software development to the extent that it makes me money as a businessman and an entrepreneur…
    and I sincerely believe that that is the case for most people that are interested in buddypress as in casual bloggers don’t really have an interest in the social media platform per se



    Once again I would like to reiterate that I am not trying to bust anybody’s chops or anything to that nature…
    I am a front end developer at best and definitely not a software programmer but I understand how stressful it can be and how difficult it is to find the bugs until people start to use it…
    but especially in the case of buddypress31 must have at least a thousand people participating in the project to a greater or lesser extent there for you have more than enough user pool to give it throw testing for integration with current WordPress as well as back versions… As far as setting up an end-user direct response system for problems I’m not sure how to approach it but I know that if it were tackled it would vastly improve buddypress31 pro version software

    Just my humble but accurate opinion…



    In regards to the specific problem of the user profile photo it has become a secondary problem as I have discovered that I have no navigation bar for the social platform option basically all I have is a plug-in with a fancy back in for blogging that’s about it users cannot navigate to any of the buddypress31 for the morning either. As the administrator because it is set as a widget and I have tried 3 different things and I can’t get the widget to work on any of them…

    In regard to the problem with the user profile cover image when I look at it it desktop mode is still does not fit but at least it’s a little bit better but on mobile devices as I said if somebody takes a profile pic it all you can see in the viewport is maybe their nose or half of their mouth or half of their eye so it’s got a serious problem on three different seems that I’ve tried it on and I got tired of trying anymore I just don’t think you should be that hard it should either work or it doesn’t work… I would ask for a workaround I have considered trying to use some PHP in the editor to fix the problem but I do not understand how the child theme setup works with buddypress31 not sure where to attempt PHP fix and furthermore I have 40 hours a week minimum on brick-and-mortar Administration and I’ve already wasted 80 hours plus over the last 3 weeks screwing around with this document and yeah I’m just trying to run a business



    I’m not the type of person that’s going to issue a bunch of complaints and not issue any suggestions so I do have one suggestion regarding a search navigation problem… The search navigation problem should be established on the page where the user has direct access to it to designated to what page is on the website he wants to put it on for one thing I’m building an adult social media platform and in the state of New Mexico I can be facing federal charges if I had the navigation bar for the platform buddypress31 on my front page We’re Miners could get to it for the more I have a moral problem with that second of all there’s a technical problem with that having it as a widget you really have no easy access to manipulating the navigation bar as to where you want it on your website so just like users & groups you ought to set the navigation bar as page or something to that effect where I can be easily handled or even better yet maybe just to plugin and just tell the customer wants it download buddypress31 load the plugin for the navigation bar which is customizable to what page is you wanted on and how you want to set it up just like the navigation bar for WordPress… Okay so that’s my one constructive thought I don’t have any idea what to say about the image problem I can’t figure it out I think it’s a great big pain in the butt
    my other consideration to the end user if you would know PHP in user that is is that you ought to be able to access all of the PHP HTML for buddypress31 press editor then at least it would be easy access to the fundamental code if you had to buy no other choice do any kind of reprogramming…

    Once again just my humble but accurate opinion

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