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User-customizable profile colours

  • Hi there!

    I’m planning to use Buddypress for a social network connecting people of several subcultures. I like how everything matches my needs perfectly, there is only one caveat:

    My users and everyone who thinks about registering are constantly asking me for a way to customise their profile pages. Like on MySpace. It’s not the technically most sophisticated request in the world and i’ve stumbled over several people already asking for it just to name a few.

    What i need is a plugin that queries a database for several CSS values on a per-user basis and fills them into the CSS code of that user’s profile: background image, font colour, link colour ..that sort of thing. An an editor a normal human can use. Members attach themselves far more to a website that gives them at least a littlebit of control about their appearance. I don’t care too much about the number of sql queries, cache load or all that. No use in a fast site nobody uses. I want to be able to offer my members a place they call home, even if it only took a few clicks to make it. Amazing, but it works, as many people still cling onto MS for exactly that reason.

    I know people will say users will go overboard with it and create a MySpace nightmare and some easy themes will suffice, but that is not the case and what i need.

    The problem is, i cannot code. I’m not rich either, but since this sort of plugin is apparently in demand maybe someone will find interest in it and i’m willing to spend at least $50 on a working solution to help the cause.
    And i’m serious about it. Please make this happen

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  • pcwriter


    That sounds like a fun, and not-so-difficult, project to take on. I’m game to give it a shot!

    I’m busy updating my current projects – themes & plugin – with new features (as well as preparing them for BP1.3), but I could get started on it in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, why not post a list of what you think users would like to be able to customize here…

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