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Users able to login without account activation

  • juliusav


    When a user signs up, everything works fine, but the user is able to log into their account even without activating it first. The account still lists as pending on the admin side, but the user logs in like normal.

    Anyone else have this issue? I’ve searched around but I’ve only been able to find one other thread mentioning this same behavior, however, the cause of their issue was a plugin.

    I’ve tried disabling all of my other plugins, can’t seem to find the source of the problem.

    I was able to at least find the javascript function in my theme’s code that gets called when the login button is clicked:


    I can’t narrow down where “submit()” is. If anyone could help me narrow the user login PHP code, I think I can try and manually add a check for user activation.


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  • r-a-y


    Switch your theme to a WP default theme like Twenty Twelve. Now, try duplicating your issue.

    If you can duplicate your issue, then it’s a problem with your theme. Probably a rogue code snippet.

    If you’re still experiencing problems, next, disable all other plugins except BuddyPress and try to duplicate your issue again.

    Also, check your /wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php file if you have one.



    What is the other thread you mentioned? Link would be helpful. Besides @r-a-y ‘s advice are you sure the user hasn’t activated their account with the email and when they clicked on it they just gotten the message their account could not be activated? I have encountered that issue before but the user is activated and allowed to login despite what the message says.



    Thanks for all the tips/suggestions!

    I followed the advice @r-a-y gave and switched my theme to Twenty Twelve, and discovered it was a bug with my theme after all. The theme had its own login form that didn’t seem to check for user verification. Fixed by getting rid of that and using the traditional WP login form!

    And the other thread I mentioned is:

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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