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What do your spam signups look like?

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    I just basically opened my new site to signups, and I’ve been getting a couple of signups a day, but I’ve just realized they’re more than a little suspicious. The tip-off was that the ‘Where are you from?’ basic profile field required on my /register form was gibberish for all of them (yeah, I know, should have been obvious, but). Everyone of the usernames are reasonable given name/surname combinations with a year tacked on the end, as well, like derrickthornton1983 and so on.

    Damn it.

    The weird thing is that one of those accounts seems to have successfully posted a blog post, which scares me if it’s a bot. And confuses me, too — I had no idea that that level of sophistication might be possible. Here’s the link:

    Note that the useraccount name is derrickthornton1952 on BP, the site URL is juliedecholet, and the ‘post’ is signed Jessica. Pretty certain this is spam of some kind.

    So, are you folks having the same problems? Does your spam look like this, too? What do you reckon is the best way to choke it off? Could you tell me (and us) about your experiences? I wonder how this site itself deals with the issue — I assume as the oldest Buddypress install (and the one at it must be hit the hardest.

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