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Who Makes Decisions around here?

  • wth is this… the new version is super slow and messy.function in a function that calls another function which then echos that function!everyone is reducing function calls, you are adding them!

    come on guys! you know how many function calls are that?? do you guys test anything?

    Also The new theme is fugly and sooooo dam messy ! I’ve never saw something like that , 1 milion hooks !! ?? a nightmare!!!BAH!

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  • So join the dev. team… offer solutions, not complaints.

    join the , by submitting patches? no thanks!other contribution doesn’t seem to be accepted!it’s like dictatorship not opensource !

    the only solution is to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. watch me building the alternative ! :) cuz this is a dead end ,no organization at all! I mean it’s sad ,it looked promising in the beginning.

    I have a client requesting to upgrade his site , otherwise I use frameworks like cakephp and build apps in hours, now I have to spend days figuring out what what is in a theme. and try not to puke while working on the fugly default.

    the problem is the one who makes decisions about the project!there has to be someone? like a project leader? ,my advice to you guys , replace him, immediately !

    sorry , it’s my honest opinion!

    good luck with what ever !!



    Could i suggest trying Elgg (.org)? It might be better suitable for your needs?



    @uloga surprised at your a la troll rant here. You have been positive iin these forums before. Didn’t know that changing avatar from unicorn to che guevarra causes change in behavior as well.

    You know you don’t have to use BuddyPress. You also know that BP code has considerably improved since it was first released ( ) and that bp-default theme had those functions more or less even way back then.

    BuddyPress is fortunate to have @johnjamesjacoby as Lead Dev with Core Devs @djpaul and @boonebgorges on the case.

    Lambasting others for your frustration in updating your client site is not constructive at all. The unicorn should return.

    Thanks for your comments.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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