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Will BP work with other themes and plugins?

  • Chaotic_Cannon



    I am very, very new to the WP world and want to find out some info for building a new site.

    Does BP work with a deluxe theme like?

    What about another plugin like I like there version of forums, but does BP work with that?

    Can I revamp the user profile page in BP from this:
    to this: (this is a vbulletin create profile area and that is the visual look I want)

    I know I can get achievements for BP which is great. But I need to know how to set it up so a user can create a profile (register), get the auto email link to activate the profile, then how to let users see other users latest posts or blogs inside their profiles, and then tweak the profiles to look more like the examples I want). and of course people able to post comments on artciles on my main page and post in the forums withouth having to keep re-entering their login info.

    Can someone help me please?


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  • @mercime


    This is all possible but you will need to know how to create WordPress themes/templates. If you can’t, you’ll need to hire someone.

    Likewise, because of the scope and complexity of this question, you’re unlikely to get any meaningful replies. Again, you’ll need to consider hiring someone, or at least installing BuddyPress and attempting to achieve these things, one step at a time.



    Well what I want is when a user comes to the site and posts something in the forums, that the “most recent” posts are displayed in a widget on the main page. Is that possible do you think?

    Also I do have a friend that knows how to code so I might be able to twist his arm to help in the coding of things.. but you are saying I can revamp the profile page to make it more like the vbulletin look of this ??

    The achievements addon for BP will be awesome as well. I also have access to graphics people that do awesome work too.

    I am just wanting to get some response from people that are familiar with BP to know if it is a possibility since I do not have access to the site yet as I am still in the planning phases of the thing.



    Mercime posted another response in the WP forum page that he referenced above.

    He stated that WP and BP are both going to have updates coming out soon.

    Paul, I believe you are the guy that coded the achievements plugin for BP right? (and maybe other plugins?) Does this mean you have to update your achievements plugin too?

    What other good plugins are out there for a news site, user profile updates for the main page of the site, forum update for the main page, cool options?


    @Chaotic_Cannon You are forcing mercime to follow and respond to two threads on the same topic while trying to get you to focus on one; note the links posted! Please stop this :) it’s bad board nettiquette, choose one thread (likely this one given the direction of the questions) and stick to it.



    I asked the question in another forum, Mercime suggested I come here and post.

    I did that, and then Mercime was the one that double posted a reference link here and in the WP forum so people can see that this is an ongoing topic covering both WP and BP compatibilities and questions. I simply let people know here that there was more info posted in the other forum about this question and then I had a question specifically for Paul who makes a BP plugin(s) and obviously uses these forums more often than the WP forums.

    So dont single me out for doing something when there is actually 1 person that has been willing to help me out on 1 site forums and another 1 here, and me trying to make sure everyone is kept in the loop. I am sure there are people that frequent here and not WP forums, and vice versa.

    I am a director for an established site that has over 50,000 hits a day and I can safely say it is bad board etiquette to single out people on forums when they are simply asking for help. It shows that a community is more willing to bash people than help them and will ensure that people will stop asking questions for help.

    Achievements, like any other active plugin, is always in a state of ongoing development. Please can this topic get back on focus.



    @Chaotic_Cannon, I believe @hnla meant that you could continue the thread here instead of the wp forum as @mercime frequents this forum as well as the wp forum, and this is a more suitable place to talk about your questions related to buddypress. It would be easier for mercime and all involved in this thread to follow the conversation. ;) No reason to get defensive.

    When you say you like the other forum plugins better, is that because buddypress forums are tied to groups? If so, you may want to check out this plugin which makes the forums standalone ala vbulletin (“normal forums”) etc: For a demo, check out the sites forum.

    Other then that it is possible to integrate the max theme with bp template pack. You could have your friend check that out.

    Buddypress is more advanced than e.g. wp-symposium, but it is not really an out-of-the-box solution. Most likely you need help from a coder friend or you´d need to hire some to help with your customizations.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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