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Wiped out BP tables and re-installed, but not working

  • Kevin M. Schafer


    I successfully deleted my BuddyPress tables in my database so that i could re-install 1.7Beta1. I uploaded it through cPanel and it extracted perfectly. I activated it without a single problem.

    The couple of extra sites that I have built are still there, but BuddyPress no longer has them listed in “Member Sites.” There’s the button to create a site, but the existing sites don’t show. When I log in as a different user with a site, my site shows at the top of the theme, and I can access it. It just no longer shows in the BuddyPress site directory.

    I cannot make posts, either. When I go to make a post in the activity stream, I receive an error and a “-1” is displayed. I went back to my database and I don’t see any BuddyPress tables. There are still some bb_ tables, which I didn’t delete, but no bp_.

    I’m running WordPress 3.5.1 and BuddyPress 1.7Beta1

    I have a guest account set up: username is “guest” and password is “guest.”


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  • Kevin M. Schafer


    Update: I’m not able to create a group, either. Under the “Members” tab, all members are shown. There’s just no ability interact.

    I did notice that when I re-installed BuddyPress, all of the page associations happened by themselves. BuddyPress is there, but it’s just not completely hooked up to my site.

    Kevin M. Schafer


    My absolute path for bb is wrong and I’m told, “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Kevin M. Schafer


    I’ve rolled back my tables to last night. I’m going to have to stick with the Stable version of BP. I apologize for this. I know my theme and 1.7 work together, because I can do it on another install on my practice site.

    Now that I have BP 1.6.4 installed, can someone perhaps put my mind at ease about something? If I can’t get 1.7Beta to work on this site now, will I have trouble upgrading down the road when the stable version of 1.7 is released? If you tell me “Yes,” then I will dump the site and reload. I would hate to have weeks or months of time invested, only for the future upgrade of BuddyPress to fail.

    Any comfort would be appreciated — or the stark reality. Either one is better than guessing and not knowing.




    I successfully deleted my BuddyPress tables in my database so that i could re-install 1.7Beta1

    @km-schafer-1 You shouldn’t have deleted the BuddyPress tables in your DB. You could just uploaded the BP 1.7 beta 1 folder to your server, that’s it.

    Or, via wp-admin, deleted BuddyPress in plugins panel and then uploaded the zip file of BP 1.7 beta 1.

    Reminder: always backup DB and server files whenever you upgrade. A few minutes doing that saves a lot of grief if something goes awry.

    Kevin M. Schafer


    @mercime I understand what you’re saying, I really do. I tried everything. When I was able to successfully activate BP 1.7 beta, I received multiple posts on the activity stream — four of them right in a row. Here’s the really weird part. When I went to the BP default theme and posted from there, the little button wouldn’t appear to post the text. My site had some severe issues. It tried to, and a hard refresh sometimes made it appear. After making a post, the button disappeared again.

    I ultimately reverted back to the Stable BP version, and everything worked fine. Then, to make sure I won’t face an upgrade issue down the road when the new release is issued, I uploaded everything from scratch. Totally wiped it all clean and created a new database with a different name.

    I know this solution sounds like turning off a computer with the button on the tower — a big no no for professionals, but I’m still learning. A week ago I could barely navigate my multisite, and today I’m really moving through it. I even created custom page names this time to assign to BP.

    Last week after I installed BP 1.7 beta, I tried several times to change me permalinks. Mostly due to appearance and robot spam (renaming register page to something else).

    A new install today has afforded me the chance to really make a good solid base for any and all WordPress and BuddyPress upgrades in the future.

    I’m really learning a lot about databases and domain add-ons (for clean URLs). This past week I’ve taught myself to use cPanel for almost everything. I use FileZilla now for mostly uploading zip files.

    I hope I don’t wear out my welcome here with my issues. I really appreciate everyone’s help. I find myself often reading posts that are two and three years old. All informative. It’s all very interesting, and I’m really learning a lot.

    Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.





    will I have trouble upgrading down the road when the stable version of 1.7 is released?
    No, normally not, but only if your upgradable install is working correctly.

    Seems to me that isn’t the case actually. 🙁

    You deleted the bp tables, ok, but what about wp_options, wp_postmeta, wp_usermeta ? These tables contains also some BP, bbp related infos.  Did you wipped them out too ? Probably not !

    For example, a BP 1.6.x install with group forums activated use 7 tables for bbPress.
    if you upgrade to 1.7 with the bbPress 2.2.4 plugin, these tables are no more used. All topics are then stored in wp_posts, and associated to usermeta, postmeta…. If you downgrade as you did, you only bring some confusion into the Core management. Some ables are here, some there, other are missed and the existing don’t know what to do…. Ennoying isn’t it ?

    So you “hard” downgraded to 1.6.4 and you encounter some trouble. That’s quite “normal” in fact. 😀

    So what ?

    If you have nothing important on your DB/site, i would recommand that you erase the whole DB (make a dump to save your post evtl.) and start a fresh new install of WP and BP. 3.5.1 and BP 1.6.4 if you go to production or 1.7 beta and bbPress 2.3 beta2 if you only want to play on a test site. (with all the inconvenients coming with a beta install 😉 )

    A little tip: once your install is created on the DB, if you encounter some trouble with themes or plugins or any other changes you did, there’s no need to erase tables if you (absolutly) want to re-install.

    In this case, you deactivate first (to cut DB dependencies) the theme, the plugin or anything else witch you think is affected by something going wrong. And you delete via FTP wp-config.php if you want to reinstall wp. bb-config.php if you want to reinstall bbPress, and delete or rename the concerned plugin or theme folder.

    Commonly, when something is going wrong:
    – check first PBCK ! (we’re all only humans….) and read the codex and some precious other source such this forum or google around to see if you’re the only one on this planet to have this trouble. Generally you’re not alone. 😉
    – rewind what you did before the desease and go back to the point where things went well.
    – keep in mind that the first install only create a DB structure and less content.
    – keep in mind that config files adding some important settings informations in various tables.
    – then YOU create the first DB content: generally some settings, later some posts, pages, categories,etc.
    – plugins sometimes create their own tables, but their settings are mostly written in other tables too.(especially in wp_options, and on a netowrk, in each concerned blog wp_blogID_options)
    – MySql is a relational database. Deleting a table by ignoring the others is rarely the best solution…

    Apologize for this long answer.

    Kevin M. Schafer


    @chouf1 Thank you for your answer, and I don’t mind that it’s long! I would have replied sooner, but I’ve just spent the last four hours trying to get NextGen Gallery to work on my mother’s sub site of my MultiSite. They need to abandoned the Network only activation and let the sub sites do their own activating. Then again, I don’t know much at all about WP. I did find a gallery that lets me activate per sub site.

    Anyway, thank you for your database WP information. I’ve saved your post on a notepad file and have placed it in my library of things I must not forget. It’s not a huge library, but it’s enough. I appreciate the fact that you explained some of the things you did. I didn’t know about all of this. I’m the kind of fella that if I see someone smear their runny nose with their hand, and then they soon shake my hand, I can subconsciously keep my “contaminated” hand away from my own face and clothing for hours, until I have the chance to wash my hands. I’m not a germ freak by any means, but when I have issues with websites, I just as soon drop the tables and knock out the files and start clean. I like to keep doing it until it works correctly the first time. This is how I learn. In high school I could back my V-Dub onto two car ramps and have the engine on the ground next to the car in 15 minutes.

    I like to design, and in my job of nearly 35 years in the printing business, I’m pretty good at it. I wish I knew more about PHP and AJAX and such. I taught myself everything I know about HTML and CSS, and I still don’t know much. My knowledge is simply elementary to you folks, but I have this nagging urgency to learn all about it. I love to design, and I just need the skills to make it happen.

    The past couple of days I’ve been working with a designer that I hired, creating a child theme and plugin that work hand-in-hand for the P2 theme. I wanted a front page category selector so that when the “Blog Post” option is toggled, a person can choose to which category their post will go. We did it, and it’s not the best, but I think it’s pretty good with me giving the orders strictly through Skype. I like having contacts like this. Like I said, I like to design, but I can’t do it myself, and with all the things going on in my life, I may never know how to do all of it. That’s why I just keep treating coders with great respect, because they’re more than likely the ones that will have to create my engines while I tell them what I need. I like it when they listen to my idea and then improve upon it.

    I wish I could work on WordPress all day long, but that’s not possible. Spring will be coming soon, and we’ll be putting a new roof on the apartment above the shop here. We live in the basement right now, and after the roof is on, we’ll be remodeling upstairs to make it our home. There’s just not enough time in the day.

    Thanks again for your reply. I really do appreciate it.



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