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WordPress user profile fields in Buddypress

  • Steffen Jung



    I was wondering why the “default user profile fields” like website, twitter, etc. are not accessible via the Buddypress profile page on frontend. I have searched the whole internet but didn´t find an easy way on how to make this fields available and editable.

    Background of my question:
    – I´m using WP together with WP Events Manager
    – In WP Events Manager you can add easily custom user profile fields
    – So if a user subscribes to an event you can save additional information like “special interests” and saving this directly in user profile
    – But then after event registration the user can not update this data in his buddypress profile
    – He can only update it if he goes after login on his profile in backend (/wp-admin/profile.php)

    Thanks for feedback and sharing your experience.


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  • danbp


    hi @bubble1973,

    forget the static WP form when you use BuddyPress.
    BP comes with xprofile component who allows you to create a much more extended profile.

    User Extended Profiles

    As you use WP Events Manager, have you read their documentation ?

    Buddypress Setup



    So does this mean you cannot use standard WordPress First & Last name fields, that if I want them accessible on their profile I have to use the xprofile component? Seems either redundant to keep them in both or a waste to not use the WP standard fields.

    Is there not an easy easy way to modify the profile form to make standard fields visible and editable?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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