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WP Multisite – multiple (2) domains and SEO

  • Hi there,
    I have done research to determine how to use WP multisite with multiple domains (actually only 2).

    I need help in determining:
    1) how to set this up,
    2) if WP multisite is needed the answer to my goal,
    3) what plugins to use to do the domain mapping.

    I am setting up a wordpress site for my client. Bilingual content, but no automatic translation. I want to use 2 different domain names, one for each language, each one containing keywords each site (or language section) has to rank well for in the search engines. Let’s say to simplify that these are 2 sites.

    I want to make administration of content easy, so wp theme and plugins for both sites can be in a single wp install – hence my interest in WP MU.

    SEO is the most important element to consider with the overall setup. Ease of use/administration is second.

    I guess I need the search engines to consider each site as having it’s own separate TLD (top level domain), even though they might actually be installed using WP MU in a subdirectory or subdomain on the initial WP installation.

    A) Would this setup achieve what I want (SEO)?

    B) Do I need a domain mapping plugin, or the WP multi network plugin, or …?


    PS: C) do I also need a dedicated IP?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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