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YITH/WOO/BUDDY Register/Membership Help

  • Tamie


    Hello! I am a novice to wordpress. All of my plugins are up to date and I am using Elementor.

    I wish to use YITH plugin with Buddypress. The user will need to choose a membership (free or paid).

    I do not understand through which plugin the user will register. Maybe this is common knowlege to the experienced person, but some of us have no clue.

    I would like them to choose their membership when they click “register.” I believe that woo and buddypress integrate so that information entered will be available to buddypress. I cannot find any information on how to set up my registration/membership. All I find is the “register” which is the wordpress registration. I do not wish for users to have to login to each area, that would be ridiculous. Do I need to call a paid registration an “upgrade?” But still how are the registration and the membership tied together?

    YITH is not answering my question, so I am hoping that you can help. I would so appreciate it.

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